Update on my Lady Girl

Well, Lady’s insulin dose still isn’t set..In the last few days she had decided she absolutely hates the special food they put her on and she out right refuses to eat it..So when Lou took her to the vet today at 330 pm for a blood draw to see where her blood sugar level was (Mommy stayed home this time she isn’t feeling well enough to go) the sugar level was only 90 which is to low. Doc Hardee gave her a shot to raise it because he said thats too low. He also said since she refuses to eat the diabetes food that we need to find something she will eat, doesn’t matter what kind as long as she is eating regularly and we have to take her back on Tuesday at 4 pm for another blood draw.. My poor girl must feel like a pin cushion by now. He also wants me to drop her insulin shots to 10 units 2 times per day and see how she does with that.

Lou dropped her off at home and went to the store and got her the Pedigree canned food which she loves. I gave her half a can of that and she ate it like it was going out of style. So it’s not that she doesn’t want to eat she just doesn’t like that ‘special’ food and after reading about it on the internet today, I can’t say I blame her.. These “prescription” foods are supposed to be so good for your dogs but I found they are loaded with all kinds of crap fillers. No wonder she didn’t like it. I wouldn’t either…

Thats the latest update on Lady.. Will post on Tuesday when we know more…


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