Are any of you as shocked as I am that they killed off Sybil on Downton Abbey!??!.. Do I have any readers who are Downton fans?.. I for one am just fascinated by this series!…

 I simply can not believe they let Sybil, such a main character die already. Now I am in suspense wondering what will happen to Tom? We all know that Lord Grantham simply loathes him but kept his distaste to a very low minimum for the sake of Sybil but now that she’s “no longer with us” will Lord Grantham’s true feelings come through? And I can’t even imagine what will happen when Tom tells the family that he will baptize and raise his daughter as a *gasp!* “Catholic”.. you simply do not do that in royal families in England.. And what of Mr Bates now? Will he get out of prison or will the prison guard and that sniveling criminal ruin it all for him? Free Bates! We should start an online campaign…So many juicy story lines.. And Maggie Smith, what can I say, I absolutely adore her.. Goodness, can you tell I am a Downton devotee?!

Not too much else has been happening here, I’ve been suffering with a severe migraine for the last two day which is why there are no posts. Tonight it’s a tad bit better..

Oh yes, do you remember me telling you I had to go report for jury duty this Monday and that I would like to serve but due to my disability I simply can not and that my current physician refused to write me a letter in reference as to why? Well I was praying asking Jesus to work this out for me because HE knows why I can not serve and I turned it over to him. I showed up at the court house at 845 am and the room started to fill with perspective jurors and I was still a bit worried I wouldn’t be excused. Well wouldn’t you know it, as I am sitting there who walks in who is also a perspective juror? The deacon from my church!!.. Now you tell me, does God not have amazing ways to answer your prayers? Of ALL the people that walked into that room our deacon comes in on the same day and sits next to me? Needless to say, the Lord answered my prayers and I was dismissed from serving.. We always have to remember, when we ask for something don’t wait around for a this gigantic sign the Lord has answered or heard us. Instead, look at the little things. Most times our Lord answers us in small miracles and unless we learn to look for them we will miss our answers..


9 thoughts on “Shocked!

  1. I just got around to watching Downton Abbey last night and I too was shocked that she died. In a way, you could see it coming because of the clash of the doctors and it is still to this day a very serious condition of pregnancy, but to kill her. I was shocked and it just won't be the same without her.


  2. Wasn't it? HE amazes me all the time how He answers me and puts the right people in my path at the right time! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by , reading and commenting Kim 🙂


  3. I tried to get a note and my doctor refused. Needless to say I am seeing a new doctor Feb 7th. My current Dr I've been seeing for 7 years he knows my issues and his reply to me was less than respectful and just showed me I am nothing more than a prescription to him. Oh yes there is definitely trouble a brewin between Lady and Lord Grantham. Can't blame her though and he doesn't which makes it worse.. Should get interesting 🙂 Thanks for coming by, reading and commenting Laura 🙂


  4. Hi Christine, I tell you I was shocked and yes! Those doctors! I was sitting here like “do something! Do something!”.. LOL but then it hit me, in those days there was nothing that could be done. I wonder how many women died like that back then. I bet a lot.. Yes I know it's just a TV show but WHAT A SHOW! LOL… I would have loved to serve but my body just won't allow for it.. now if it were night court that may be a different story..Thanks for coming by, reading and commenting Christine 🙂


  5. That is one good possible scenario I just have the feeling it's going to get uuuuuuugly! between Tom and Lord Grantham.. I see it coming.. LOL and I surely will.. Thank you for reading and commenting Kris 🙂 xo


  6. Downton Abby fan!
    Plan my Sunday nights around Masterpiece Theater.
    Shocked – yes – SHOCKED! And those Dr.'s just stood around watching!
    Ooops, forgot, it's just a TV show.

    Glad you didn't serve on jury duty. I went and found it very interesting.


  7. Hi Robyn. Yes, we were shocked too that Sybil died. But then I was thinking about what all they could do with the story line, and they can even have her back as if she were in Tom's dreams…or something. Let me know how you like the chicken tortilla bake!!
    xo Kris


  8. I love Downton Abbey. I was a little shocked, but then again, she hadn't really been brought into the series so much until she was married and pregnant. I think for the sake of the story line and confusion among the family, they have to have Tom being Catholic and their granddaughter being raised in that religion. And as for Lord and Lady Grantham, heck they aren't even sleeping together anymore! So trouble is brewing! Love the show!

    Good to hear that you won't have to do Jury Duty. I did it once and never again. I just always get a doctor's note and am excused.


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