Fruit Smoothie?


HI everyone, 

OK so I attempted to finally make a fruit smoothie the other morning. We had this one lonely Mango sitting in a bowl so I decided to slice it up, I then added frozen peaches and frozen strawberries, Greek yogurt and a little milk all in the blender and whipped away..

The only problem is? When I drank it, it didn’t have a very good taste and it left a chalky feeling and after taste.. Could it have been the Greek yogurt? Are you not supposed to use Greek yogurt in fruit smoothies? Any suggestions would be welcome! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Fruit Smoothie?

    • I think because Greek yogurt is SO much thicker and when I tasted the yogurt on it’s own it did seem to have a chalky aftertaste feeling in my mouth. I’ve never had Greek yogurt until the day I made this so maybe I just don’t like it?.. Going to try again with regular yogurt..Thanks for coming by my new home Kim! 🙂


    • Hi Tanner
      Thanks so much for coming to my new home Im so glad to see you!..Yeah I’ve heard about the banana thing too but I don’t like them too much either.. Someone on facebook said it was the greek yogurt that made it taste chalky and to use regular yogurt so I’ll try that next 🙂


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