Whew! It’s been a crazy two weeks!…Two weeks ago on a Wednesday morning Lou went in for some digestive testing. A double contrast CT scan and an ultra sound. He’d been sick for about a month or more and our MD at first thought it sounded like some kind of stomach bacteria so he put him on two weeks of a powerful antibiotic. This was the first week of February. After he completed the course of antibiotics he still was no better so I suggested he call the gastroenterologist he had seen for his colonoscopy a few months ago. I was tired of playing games with what was happening with him over the course of a few months because I myself have  severe digestive issues with no real answers and there was no way I was going to let him end up like me and what worried me more was he was having a lot, and I mean a lot of the same symptoms I have suffered for years with.

After his testing in mid February we had to wait until this past Monday for the results. Over the weekend he started to complain of new pain after he ate ontop of what he had already been experiencing for a month or more , he also didn’t want to eat now because the pain was too much after eating anything. Then he began to have pain whether he ate or not. This part all began the night after he had the tests and I knew in my head he was having gallbladder trouble. I’m not a doctor but having been sick two decades now myself I have an extensive medical knowledge. I am self educated as I took home medical courses years ago as I wanted to learn about how the body works and what disease do to it so I could help myself. I digress…

This past Monday we went to see the stomach doctor to get his results. It was the quickest doctor visit I have ever experienced in my life. We weren’t in the room with the doctor five minutes when Lou told him about the new pain when the doctor said well, lets get your gallbladder out.. The ultrasound did in fact show stones. Lou was in surgery in two days on Thursday. It was done laproscopically. Now I understand that this is a much easier procedure than an open gallbladder removal but don’t be fooled about the post surgery pain.

I have seen my husband through 7 back surgeries, 1 neck surgery, 1 knee surgery. Yes, for some reason his body seems to love the operating room. THAT needs to be changed thank you very much!! and I can tell you, I have never seen him in so much pain in post – op as I did with this..It is now Sunday evening and he’s still in a lot of surgical pain. his stomach underneath his belly button is terribly black and blue because they remove the gallbladder through the belly button.(Sorry for the TMI if you’re squeemish but it’s just normal to me) The 3 small incisions they make for the instruments in the upper portion of the stomach don’t hurt anywhere near as much as this does, so he tells me.

The doctor said surgery was successful which I am grateful for, in the recovery room, that was a whole other story. It was ugly because of the amount of pain and the amount of pain meds they had to give him. Was a bad scene. I am hoping he’s feeling a lot better in about another week or so. The good news is that all the pain he had prior to surgery is now gone and hes HUNGRY again. Like REALLY hungry..I’m Italian and one thing we Italian women love to see is a hungry husband. I guess it’s ingrained in us from when we’re in the womb…

Now that he is gallbladderless (is that even a word?) I have been thinking back over the last 2 years or so and I realize this is nothing new. This has been happening to him over time. He would have boughts of vomiting for no apparent reason and I mean projectile vomiting (yea, sorry I did it again) , he began to suffer from bad heart burn, etc etc. This as we now know is all part of his gallbladder going bad over time. The reason we didn’t realize it sooner was  you have to remember, he only just had  three quarters of his back reconstructed just under two years ago. Before that he was on massive doses of pain medications that could have put a horse down for many years so it may have been happening longer and all the pain medication was masking it. He’s now been off the massive doses of pain medications for months now although he still has to take some because he will never be completely pain free from his back but when you come off these strong opioid medications they really screw with your entire body and it takes some time for your body to bounce back. His is still in the process so we weren’t really too sure until the this past weekend what we were dealing with.

Now it’s all about recovery. I give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for once again weathering yet another medical storm with us. HE is always with us and always gives us what we need when we need it even if most times, we don’t realize it.. 

In a few days please check back to my blog as I will have an update about our moving situation. New things have happened.. 



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