Dolce & Gabbana Passion Eyes Mascara – A Beauty Review


Sometimes on my blog I like to do a beauty review if I come across something I REALLY love and recently I have. 

Dolce & Gabbana’s Passion Eyes Mascara. I recently received a sample of this in my Ipsy bag. Don’t know what Ipsy is? I’ll explain more on that later. I have been blessed to have nice eye lashes mostly all of my life. It doesn’t take much but a good formula to give me super length and curl. I use an eyelash curler but really, I don’t have to. I only use one for added curl. Many drug store mascara’s are really good. In fact I’ve been using Maybellines Clump Crusher and it’s still my go to on any given day until I experienced Dolce & Gabbana’s last week.

What do I love about it? The formula is awesome. It’s not too dry and it’s not super wet either. Actually I think it’s just right. It does not clump my eyelashes together. It’s also not thick nor thin. I have a problem with most mascaras from low end to high end where for some unknown reason to me, after a few hours I end up with black smudges under my lower lashes looking like someone punched me in both eyes but it doesn’t happen with this formula. Again, I think it’s just perfect. I normally apply two coats to each lash and I find that gives me the perfect length without clumpiness or looking like I have spider eyes. 

I also love the shape of the brush and the feel of it. 


As you can see it’s slightly curved and from what I can tell it’s a bristle brush but the bristles of the brush are spread out enough that you don’t have to work at not getting clumpy eyelashes. The brush seems to work this out for you all on it’s own. The bristles are not spikey like some plastic ones can be and I haven’t pinched my eye lids yet. The shape also allows me to get right into the lash line and there’s no pricking of the eyelid either. The color I have is in black and it’s a deep pigmented black. 

What I don’t like : The price. It seems the going rate for this gem is $32.00 US. In all honesty I am really sitting on the fence about this. While I do think this product is wonderful and I really do love it, I don’t know if I am willing to pay $32.00 for a mascara and the reason is, you should change out your mascara once every three months. Now I know a lot of mascara’s last a lot longer than that. I can use my Clump Crusher for almost 5 months so in my head I’m thinking, do I really want to shell out $32.00 every 5 months for a mascara? I have bought some high end makeup products and I can tell you with certainty, especially when it comes to eye shadow that most of the time it’s worth spending a little more. There is no comparison between a drug store eye shadow and a high end eye shadow.

So while I really, really and I do mean really, love this mascara, I am teetering on the fence still. 

So now, what is IPSY? Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription which costs $10.00 US per month. Each month Ipsy sends you new products to try out. Some high end some low end, depends on the month. But most often than not you will get one or two full size products in your Ipsy bag. When you tally up the total amount of all the items you receive which can range from four to five in each bag, the total usually far outweighs the $10.00 the subscription costs you. You can also fill out a profile with Ipsy and they will try their best to match the color of your products to your likes. 

If you want to find out more about Ipsy or you’d like to join, just click this link below and it will take you to where you need to be. 

IPSY, Beauty By You

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored nor receiving any monetary compensation by Dolce&Gabbana nor Ipsy. These are just my own personal opinions on products I like and wanted to share them with you.


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