2014 Hair Style For Me

Well it’s happening again. I’m getting that itch that I swore I’d never get again after cutting my hair short back in July of 2013. This is what my hair looked like before I cut it. 


As you can see it was quite long and then it got so hot here in the summer of 2013 I’d had enough of it an chopped it off so that it looked like this. 


I really liked this haircut for about 6 months, and then I missed my long hair so I was determined to let it grow again but, during the grow out phase it was looking pretty ratty and I would keep getting it trimmed so it would look better. Now my hair looks like this. 


Yes excuse the ashes on my head this selfie was taken this Ash Weds but once again as you can see my hair looks terrible because I’m trying to grow it out again and once again it’s driving me nuts and I am ready to chop it again. But this time I am considering going REALLY short. So here are a few photos of some hair styles I found on the internet. Granted I know I don’t look like any of these women nor do I have blonde hair but if I do cut it short I will get some highlights and lowlights put in or I may even just go all auburn..Which style do you think would suit my face shape best?

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Keep in mind I want EASY, not something I need to spend an hour each day styling. So there you have it.. Which do you think would look best on me? Help me choose my new 2014 look! 



One thought on “2014 Hair Style For Me

  1. I suck at hair recommendations, but I liked your short cut. From the styles, I like #1 (left) and #2. I know they look a lot more juvenile (not calling you older or anything!), but #4 does seem like it’d require a bit more work than all the others.


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