Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a small review on a beauty product that I am really in love with. Please remember I am not a professional make up artist I am also not a professional make up reviewer either. These are just my personal impressions and opinions on a product I like so much I wanted to share it with you.. 

I’m not really sure when this Tarte Eyeshadow pallet came out but I think it was fairly recently and it may even be a limited addition. I have to find that out because if it is I need to get at least two more. Yes, thats how much I like it. On to my impressions. 

First, I love the packaging. 


Its a metal packaging and it’s not heavy or clunky either. A lot of pallets will come in that hard cardboard and while those aren’t terrible the outsides of them get so dirty and it’s hard to keep them clean so I much prefer this packaging here. It also has like a little click lock on it too so it won’t just flip open. I also love the colors on the front. It looks like the inside of an abalone gemstone in pink and purple my two favorite colors since I was a little girl. 


I like that it has a nice sized mirror as well. The entire footprint for this is not large at all and I think, perfect for traveling. 


As you can see it comes with six shadows, well really eight if you count the black and the brown and one blush. 

The colors of the shadows are : Sand out from the crowd, Peach for the stars, Two plumbs up Pink outside the box, Rose to the occasion, and View from the taupe.

The two liners are  :Dream in chocolate and Dont stand black.

Included is also a small brush but honestly, it doesn’t work for me , I don’t like it so I don’t use it. 

Here are some swatches for you. Remember I’m not a pro so sorry if these aren’t sufficient enough. 

These two photos are the eyeshadows



This is the blush and the liner. I was having a hard time getting the blush to show up because the lighting was bad. It was raining and cloudy for days so I did the best I could. 


The blush is a really beautiful pinky coralish color. It works really well with my fair skin tone. 

All of the shadows tend to be a little bit chalky but only a tiny bit. I usually tap my brush after picking up the product to get the excess off so I haven’t seen a lot of fall out with any of them. I would image though if you didn’t tap the excess off you would have some. 

What I love about these shadows is number one, they are ALL matte. That isn’t an easy thing to find in the world of eye shadow.

unfortunately I have kind of dry eye lids and sparkle at my age, yes I realize I am only 43 but sparkle at my age just doesn’t look good. I mean, it doesn’t look terrible but I don’t think it looks good either. Anything with sparkle tends to crease on me making my eyelids look super wrinkly. No woman has time for that! So I like to stick with the mattes’. The problem is a lot of matte’s usually come in browns and taupe’s, and while like taupe I do not look good in brown anything. Everytime I try and wear brown eye shadows it tends to drag my whole face down so I stay away from them. My eyes are a greenish, blueish, greyish, LOL depending on the day.. They’ve even been on the violet side at times. Purples and mauves seem to work best on me and really make my eyes pop. 

So when I saw this pallet come out even though it was the last thing I needed I scooped it right up because these colors in matte are SO hard to find. I don’t know why make up companies don’t make more of them!

I have said in past posts that you can not beat the quality of high end eye shadows and I still stand by that. These shadows by Tarte are SO velvety smooth. Like butta as a friend would say. They also blend beautifully. You would be hard pressed to find these qualities in a drug store brand eye shadow, not that drug store brand eye shadows are bad, I own many myself but the higher end ones, there’s simply no comparison in the texture,wear and blendability. I have learned over the past year that when it comes to makeup quality always weighs out quantity. See my last post The Dangers Of YouTube to understand my last statement.

Tarte really did a wonderful job with this pallet and I can only hope that maybe next time they will come out with more shades of purple, pinks and mauve’s. That would be just awesome! 

I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with TARTE cosmetics, I am not receiving any kind of kickback nor any monetary gifts for my review. These are simply my own opinions.




  1. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure but something tells me I remember someone saying it was a limited addition.. Isn’t it pretty?!?! I LOVE it… Its rare that I love EVERY color in a pallet but I do love ever color in this pallet.. Thank you SO much for coming by my blog and commenting 🙂


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