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Hi darlings, 

Yes I know another product that has been around for a long time but again it’s one I love and there may even be some women out there who have never heard of this nor tried it.. So on we go..

This my dears is Wet N Wild’s Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer. 

I have never been one for bronzer because I have very fair skin. I also don’t lay in the sun, I don’t do tanning beds so for the most part my skin is milky white all year long. I’ve heard all the comments, “get some sun girl” “you really need some color” etc etc. 

Been there heard that so just what IS wrong with my skin? Yes I am a white person. I am CAUCASIAN. Why shouldn’t I be proud of my skin color like every other race on the earth is? Because people “think” I need to be tanned? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen. So bronzer was something I never even attempted until I came across this beauty.

I love the color of this bronzer.. It’s not orange, its not brown, atleast it doesn’t show up that way on me. What it does do is it gives my skin just a very nice glow to it, a tiny bit darker than my skin color but nothing so strong that I look tan on my face and white on the rest of myself.


I sweep it across the usual zones that you put bronzer on, forehead, down the outter sides of my face, under my chin and down my neck and then I use it to contour my cheeks. If you’ve never used bronzer the key or so I have been told is to put it on the area’s on your face and neck where the sun would normally hit you.. Afterwards I take a fluffy brush and I blend it into my skin so there are no lines. Yep, this is 2014. In the 80’s harsh contour lines were all the rage (still don’t get that) in 2014, ain’t got no time for harsh lines. 

Then I apply my blush and then blend that into my bronzer and I’m good to go.

This bronzer gives me that soft natural color that you see on some women and you wonder is she wearing anything? I can’t seem to tell but I know something is there?.

This product can be very powdery so after you’ve got it on your brush, tapping off the excess is a must. It also has a bit of shimmer in it as well so if you don’t like shimmer this may not be the bronzer for you but, if you’re looking for a subtle hint of the sun then I highly suggest this product. I also like that you get a large amount as well. The one I am using presently and I use it almost everyday, I bought about 6 months ago so a little goes a long way and you simply can not beat the price. I got mine at Walgreens for $2.99. This bronzer also comes in a good amount of shades for pretty much any skin color. The packaging is OK, it’s plastic so if you drop it or yank on the cover you do have the potential to break it but for the price do you expect fort knox? I can live with it.

For me as far as bronzers go I don’t think I would ever use anything else. I love the formula, the color, it blends really well and the price is amazing so why change?

What about you? What bronzer do you use and have you ever used this product before? 


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Wet N Wild, I have not received any kind of compensation, no products nor anything of monetary value. I am only expressing my person opinions.


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