Too Faced Candlelight Glow



Hi Darlings, 

Today’s review is on Too Faced Candlelight Glow highlighter.

I’ve been using this now for about two months and honestly, for the price I’m not all that impressed.

I do like the packaging. It is plastic but it feels like a heavier, sturdier plastic. I also like the design. I think it’s very pretty. The colors of the highlights are also very pretty.


One side is like a creamy white shimmer and the other side is a pink shimmer that reminds me of cotton candy. The pink is what really sold me on this. I use the pink shimmer on the tops of my cheekbones and the white shimmer I use sometimes in the inside corners of my eyes and maybe for a brow bone highlight.

The problem I have with this though is the pink shimmer which I fell in love with doesn’t seem to show up much for me on my cheek bones. The white shimmer is very pigmented. No problems with that one showing but the pink for me I can’t seem to see it much. Now I don’t know, maybe my skin tone is too light for this? Maybe the pink is more for darker skin toned women? Im really not too sure. As I’ve told you before I’m no expert. Then again maybe it’s just my inside lighting which is horrible.

I will keep using this though until it’s finished because it was a bit pricey at $30.00 but I bought mine through Ulta and I don’t think I paid quite that much. If I did I think I will slap myself.

OK all you beauty experts and gurus have anything to say about this product? Any advice for me?



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