The Saga Continues..

That would be, the saga which is my life. Thought I’d post an update on our move. I think in my last update I told you about a home in Pennsylvania in a town called East Stroudsburg. We had the lease signed, the check for the first months rent and security were all sitting in the hands of my family in NJ. The last bit to pull together was meeting with the owner of the home whom we’ve been talking with by phone for three months, take some more photos of the home, my family to check out the house, the area etc and if all was well, hand over the lease and the check. We were to be PA bound.

All of this came to a screeching halt 72 hours before the above was too happen. I got a frantic phone call from my sister in law telling me that my brother who works with a guy that happens to live in the area of where the house we are to rent is, told my brother this morning after he learned what area we were moving to, that this particular area is not only drug infested but also violent crime and gang infested.  Yep, we’re talking Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings etc. I immediately called the PA state police to ask about all this and was told that the area I live in is not a “hot bed” but below me, meaning 15 minutes away where I would do my shopping and above me are hot NOT what I needed to hear.

My husband then called the man who owns the home right away to ask him about this and why didn’t he tell us this when it was one of THE first questions I had asked way back when. His reply was that he didn’t know it was that bad. He said there were problems a few years ago with all the foreclosed homes but they had cleaned the area up and even had built up our area with more grocery shopping, malls etc. I thought o myself well thats nice. So I have grocery shopping and a mall near me but if I want to venture out anywhere past my area I’m in a war zone? No thanks.

I can’t figure out if this guy was for real when he said he really didn’t know the area was still that bad or if he omitted the truth because he wanted to rent the home and we had also talked about buying down the line. I mean seriously? How do you NOT know the area’s around a home you OWN? I hate to accuse him of something I am not 100% sure on but common sense would tell me otherwise. Because I have no other choice I will give him the benefit of ignorance but we will NOT be moving to this area. When I left NJ these gangs were just beginning to infiltrate and I was glad to leave it all behind. I’m not going back to it no matter how much I need and want to get back North.

So once again, we are starting all over with looking for a house up North. We have two pretty good leads right now but I will say no more about those until I know they are a sure thing.

My neighbor said to me the other day , he knows I pray a lot and put everything in my life in God’s hands and usually don’t make a move until I see which way the Lord is leading us. He said maybe this is God’s way of telling  you you’re not supposed to move back up North? Three deals have fallen through right when you’re supposed to sign a lease so maybe HE is giving you the answer you’re looking for.

I would tend to agree with my friend but it doesn’t make sense in my head. We can’t afford to stay in the home we’re in now. We need money for health care that we have no insurance for and the doctors I’ve seen down here don’t seem to be able to help me with my conditions. I miss my family so much it tares my heart out almost every day for the last twelve years so how could God want me to stay here?

Then again I know as well as most, God’s ways are not our ways and God’s timing is not my timing. Maybe HE’s trying to teach me to trust in HIS timing and ways. Maybe HE’s trying to give me a lesson in patience in the Lord. I’m not sure.

The only thing I am sure about is God and so we wait, we wait patiently as we can..

Until I have more news………



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