Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation


Have to be honest with you, I am still scratching my head with this one. This product says it’s a “radiant firming makeup”. Up until this point I have’t seen any radiance nor firming .

My skin is very, very dry all the time and I usually wear and like a foundation with a dewy finish. The problem with that I find is while the finish looks dewy and fresh the coverage is usually light and you can see my hyper pigmentation, etc. I have been trying other foundations that are more medium to full coverage but they all seem to have a matte finish and also seem to be incredibly drying on my already dry skin. Within an hour these foundations have settled into every single line and wrinkle on my face and I look ten years older than my age.

I thought I would give this one a try. What I do like about it is that it does have a strong pink undertone and it does feel very creamy in the hand but the finish is I think a matte finish? I’ve been wearing it trying to figure out just exactly what I think about it. It’s odd for me because it doesn’t seem to look ‘dry’ on my skin yet it doesn’t look dewy either. It looks well, it just looks matte and I”m not sure if I like it yet.

So on my scale of five stars, right now, I give this three stars although I may do a follow up post and change my mind.



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