Real Techniques Beauty Sponge


I have never bought the “Beauty Blender” I just could not justify spending $20.00 on a sponge..It still doesn’t make sense in my head but hey, if you can afford to do it then I say go for it.. Thankfully, Real Techniques came out with their own version of a beauty sponge.

It took me a long time to get mine because I just kept forgetting about it. I had been using a generic one from Walgreens an it worked..well,  but,  I so wanted to try the RT one and I finally got it last week.

All I can say is I am SO glad I did and its one of the best five dollars Ive spent.

I love the shape of the sponge.


It gets into all those nooks on our faces like on the sides of our noses and it goes right up to the water line under my eyes to blend in my concealer.

I also love that when you wet it, the sponge gets pretty big yet it’s still very light weight and easy to use. The one I was using, after wetting it, it was lightweight but I guess because of what it was made of I felt like I was being punched in the face while trying to apply my foundation. This is nice and soft.  I find the design very user friendly and I also notice it doesn’t suck up all my foundation like some can. It blends my foundation and concealer flawlessly.

Overall I give this product five stars and I would and will definitely be repurchasing this item again.

Do you have the RT’s Sponge? Have you tried both the RT’s and the Beauty Blender? Which do you prefer and why?


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