NYC City Proof Intense Lip Color


I know I should know better by now than to buy drug store lip anything but, but… once again I was caught by this color and thought I’d try it..  Afterall the package did say “Intense Lip Color” it didn’t look like an oil slick, didn’t look like it would be sticky and for $2.99 how much did I have to lose?

Another $2.99 is what I lost. I am so disappointed in this product but then again when it comes to drug store lip products I always have been so why would this have been any different. Let me explain why I don’t like it…

Well OK wait, let me give it some kuddos because it does have a “few”. First, I do like the color… in the package that is. Here is a swatch of the color on my arm


Second I do like that it twists up. Umm, yeah, thats about it folks

When I applied this to my lips the color is much darker than what you see here as well as in the packaging. It also feels slimy on my lips and if you read this post here you would know I am not one for anything feeling slippery or slimy on my lips. And as for longevity? Hmm, Half an hour at most if you don’t drink or eat anything..

So yet again, I took a chance and it flopped. I just have to keep reminding myself when I see a color I am drawn to not to bother.

Harsh review I know but I am honest in my reviews. This product may be great for other beauty’s but for this beauty, I don’t like it.

So on a scale of five stars this one rates a two.


2 thoughts on “NYC City Proof Intense Lip Color

  1. I’ve only bought about 2 real lipsticks, and thus far, I haven’t been impressed enough to try again. They’re “brand names” too (cant even remember the brand, ha!), but I’m more of a clear chapstick girl. My sister had those pen-type, an orangy red that I thought looked pretty nice and was more of a lip stain than lipstick. I think I prefer lipstains than lipsticks when it comes to durability.


    • I know a lot of women who are chapstick ladies.. I love that look but on me it just doesn’t work. I need some kind of light color on my lips. It seems to just be the finishing touch to my makeup. Thats why when I found the MAC lipsticks even though they’re pricey they’re worth it because they are true to color and they last..


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