NYX Baked Blush


Let me start by saying, yes, I love this product. This is one of the new NYX Baked Blushes. It also claims that it’s an illuminator  plus bronzer. I don’t really see the last two claims but I do love the color of this.

This one is called  “Journey” and it’s a very pretty light pink or it can be dark depending on how heavy you chose to apply it.


I tried to swatch it for you but it wasn’t showing up well on my skin but on the cheeks it really does look beautiful. It has a tiny bit of shimmer in it but nothing clown like. I have very fair skin with yellow undertones and light pink blushes look the best for my skin color.

I like the formula as well.. it feels very  silky to the touch. I don’t find this to be powdery at all. I use a light touch when it comes to blushes and if I don’t think there’s enough color I build it up. Better to have too little than too much when it comes to blush.

I also love the packaging on this. It is a little bulky but I love the little black bow  closure and I really love the clear top so that you can actually see the entire product and color. I have been satisfied with most if not all NYX products and this is just another one to add to my list.

On a scale of five stars, for me, I give this one five stars.


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