Decision Has Been Made….


We make decisions everyday in life.. Some are so easy they are a no brainer as we like to call them around here. Others can be really difficult and some, near impossible.  As you know, we have been trying to move for almost the last six months and for various reasons. Mostly health reasons but also financial reasons. We have been living in a house that is severely underwater (homeowners you understand what I mean by that). We had such a high mortgage payment and by the time the bills were paid each month it didn’t leave nearly enough to live on and pay for medical things we need also. So, the medical always went by the way side because after all, everyone has to eat don’t they?

Six months ago I began placing advertisements in papers etc that we were looking for a home to rent long term back near my family in the state of NJ. Our thinking was, renting has got to be cheaper than what we were paying in mortgage and insurance each month and then we could afford what we needed, plus I would be close to my family. When this began I did what I always do and put everything into the hands of the Lord and asked him to lead us to or lead the right people to us, to help us not make anymore mistakes and that we would go where ever he lead us to even, if we didn’t understand it.. The reason for that, because we know no matter where God will put us it will be right for us because he ALWAYS provides and takes care of us.

Well, it’s been what I can say an extremely frustrating six months. People agreeing to rent to us then disappearing, people mis representing the area we are too move to, three times people sent us leases to sign and then pulled out of the deal at the last minute .(thankfully no money had yet been exchanged but it was very close all three times) Lastly, one man pursued us to rent his home for three months, when we finally said yes, he discussed all the particulars with my husband, everything was set and then… we got the lease. The bottom line was, this man wanted us to move into his home, care for it like our own (which we would have) AND pay for all his repairs in the home etc that would have been HIS responsibility as a landlord and then send him a rent check every month. Needless to say, we were NOT going to rent that house but, that was the last one left. No one else had responded to our ads. There was no where else to go, we were now three months behind on our mortgage and we hadn’t paid our property tax yet either.  We had about a month ago put in for a mortgage modification but still, hadnt heard anything from them either and we were sure they wouldn’t work with us because in this day and age of owning a home, the banks, care about the banks. They don’t care if you can eat each month they just want their money.

So I spent some time in church last week and a lot of time in prayer over the last two months (more than usual) and I said to the Lord on Weds of this week, “Well Lord, this is it. The house is half packed, the living room is full of tons of stuff to be sold, we have no where to move to, no idea when something will come along, the mortgage is three months behind and we haven’t heard back from them. Now what? I know you’ll provide and I know your time isn’t ours but Lord, we need something good to happen and soon”..

This past Friday was Good Friday and also my 44th birthday. My husband and I were sitting in the den a bit dumbfounded not knowing what would happen next and then the phone rang. It was the mortgage company. They decided……….to drop our interest rate to the going rate of todays market, and…..they dropped our mortgage payment by almost $600.00 per month for the next THREE years. Our mortgage payment went from $1500.00 per month (thats insurance included) to $850.00 per month which also includes insurance and taxes. You can’t rent an apartment much less a home for that. So the decision has been made ,we will stay in our home for the next three years at which time the bank said they will re modify the loan again. We will be able to afford the medical care we need even if I have to travel for mine. We will be able to put money away as well. It’s obvious to me that God for whatever reason was leading to this decision because nothing else we tried to do to move worked out and trust me, we tried everything known to man.

No, I wont’ be closer to my family as I’d like to be but now I”ll have the financial means to travel up to NJ anytime I want as before I did not. So as I said above, God always works things out for good in His own way even if we don’t understand it..



3 thoughts on “Decision Has Been Made….

  1. I am so happy for you! I read a comment of yours that you had left on another blog (Cozy Country or something like that) last year about your financial situation. I felt so bad for you, but now I am reading good news and I am rejoicing with you! Praise God for taking care of you (and me!). I know this is a huge burden off your backs. Have a great day!


  2. Awesome news. Glad you guys reached a positive solution… it is sketchy, especially since you guys were already late. I guess the mortgage company decided to go ahead with the modification vs lose the mortgage altogether. Good for you. Just make sure they’re not tying you long term.


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