It’s Finally Here!

Summer that is!.. It’s finally summer time here in South Carolina. I know other parts of the country up North are still in Spring time which, I do just love, love, love Springtime but here in the South , summer shows up around the end of April and lasts until approximately October sometime. Meaning, the temps don’t usually get out of the 80’s much before the end of October and on Christmas day we ‘usually’ have our air conditioner on. 

So to celebrate spring Lou and I went out last week and I picked out some pretty flowers for my two deck planters. I just LOVE these. They are called Dahlia’s. I just adore them. They remind me of puffed up pretty pin cushions. I can’t wait for the other buds to open up.


Now I can’t take the credit for planting them in the planters because well, I have a black thumb when it comes to anything with leaves so my sweet husband planted them for me and yes, those are garden planter gnomes. Say what you will, I love gnomes! 

In between the Dahlia’s are what is called “Dusty Henry” (I’ve known a dusty Henry or two in my life time but they weren’t as pretty as these!) They are sort of a silver , white-ish kind of plant that I thought would look nice in between the Dahlia’s and help show off the pretty colors of the Dahlia’s.


And since this is literally the first year in over six years that my husband can actually stand up straight and have a garden (eight back surgeries will do that to you) he planted a HUGE garden this year. There is two kinds of watermelon, Cantaloupe,string beans, bush beans, red and green bell peppers, banana peppers, basil, four different kinds of tomatoes,corn, some collard greens and gosh, I can’t remember all what else but, he’s proud of it and I am happy for him to be able to have a garden again. It doesn’t look like much now but in a couple of months God willing it will just be teaming with good foods. All life starts out small.


Even Lizzy our English Setter seems to be happy that summer has finally arrived as well that she gave me a smile!


How about in your neck of the woods. Has summer arrived yet?



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