Philosophy Foundation


Happy Thursday Pretties!

Today’s review is on Hope In a Jar Foundation by Philosophy. As I’ve gotten older my skin has changed.. It’s become very dry, I have some broken capillaries, discoloration etc. All the good stuff that comes with aging. For years I wore a Cover Girl foundation that gave me a super dewy finish which I loved because it was very moisturizing but, it didn’t offer me much in the way of coverage and, I need that now. My hunt for the perfect foundation began many months ago.

I was looking for a foundation that was not only very hydrating but also gave good coverage. Think thats easy to find? Think again. I tried so many foundations, mostly drug store and none of them worked out well.  Any of the “anti – aging, full coverage foundations’ are also extremely drying so I looked well, dead.

On a whim I went into Ulta and asked if what I was looking for even existed. The sales girl asked me if price was an object and I told her well, yeah, kind of but if it’s a good foundation and does what I need it to do I will spend the money but lets not get crazy. She introduced me to the Hope in a Jar Foundation by Philosophy. She assured me it would give me good coverage, a nice finish and it wouldn’t be drying. So, I took a chance, what else did I have to lose, except more money.. Yeah, I say that like I’m a millionaire but hey, I was desperate at this point!

I have to give her kudo’s .. She was right..

What I like : This foundation does give me good coverage and the color matches my skin tone perfectly. It isn’t drying, leaves a nice finish, doesn’t have to be set with a powder and it has a nice scent. I also like the texture and feel of it and I don’t feel like my skin is suffocating either.


This is my color in 04 Light.

What I don’t like : You guessed it, the price. At Ulta it is $39.00 US for 30 ml’s but honestly, I have to say, it’s the one and only foundation that truly gives me what I need for now and so I am willing to pay the price.. Isn’t that always the way? Supply and demand people, supply and demand..

See you next time!




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