Josie Maran Moisturizer


Hey there Pretties!

Today’s review is on,

Josie Maran’s Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47

I think I received this sample in an IPSY bag, (which I have since unsubbed to, will explain at a later time) and its been sitting around for quite a while. I decided last week to give it a try. What was I waiting for!!!!

As in all my posts it seems I remind you how dry my skin can be. I’ve been using Oil Of Olay Daily Moisturizer for many moons and while that is a good product I was looking for something more. Something with moisture on the scale of an oil but not a slick if you know what I mean.

I started using this last week and so far I love it. I also went on the interwebs and started hunting around to see just how much this baby costs. Yep, sticker shock. Well, while I was looking around I ran across some reviews on the product and it seem the formula has been changed from what it originally was. According to the comments on Sephora anyway. As for me, I wouldn’t know the difference because I just started using it. It seems the chief complaint is that it leaves a white cast on your skin I’m guessing because of the SPF in it.

It does come out of the bottle white and when you start to apply it , it is a bit white but once you’ve rubbed it into your skin AND you let it dry and settle into the skin the whiteness goes away. At least thats what I have observed. Maybe the women who wrote the reviews aren’t letting it dry and settle in as they should before applying anything else? I don’t know but for me, it works as it should.

What I like : I love that it’s SO incredibly moisturizing, I love that even though it’s an oil it absolutely dries down but it still leaves my skin feeling soft, dewy and moisturized and it has a very faint pleasant scent. Also, a little seems to go a long way for me.

What I don’t like: Again, the price. At Sephora a 2.0 oz bottle is $32.00 US but you can also get a 0.5 oz for $14.00 US . Personally, while I don’t like spending a lot of money on cosmetics even though I do love them, for this product, for me I think it’s worth the money. And I plan on purchasing more when my sample bottle is gone.

How I apply it : I thought I’d throw this little tip in case anyone else is thinking of giving it a try. With a freshly washed face I apply it all over my face, neck and decolletage . I then move onto priming my eye lids giving the Argan Moisturizer time to sink and dry down and thats it. Simple stuff beauties.

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