Loreal Visible Lift Foundation


Hello Pretties!

Today’s review is on: L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Blur Foundation with Opti-Blur Technology.

Yikes! Another long name..Let me begin with the packaging. I do like that it’s in a squeeze tube but the problem comes in when you actually try and squeeze out some product. It comes out SUPER easily and if you’re not careful you could end up with a gigantic amount of product on your hand, brush, beauty blender, whichever tool  you use. So the execution here isn’t the best.

I do like that it comes in a range of colors. I never really seem to have any trouble matching my skin tone.  Let me show you a photo of what it actually looks like out of the tube.


While it ‘looks’ thick it’s really not. Although, it’s not runny like water either. When you spread it out on your hand it has a nice feel and texture to it. Its definitely a sort of satin matte finish and as far as coverage, for myself, meh not too much. It’s not horrible but if you have some deep acne scaring, or pigmentation problems, broken capillaries I think this is more light to maybe medium coverage. As to the “opti-blur” technology where it claims to blur pores etc. I didn’t find that at all. I also have Benefits Porefessional and I think the Benefit product works much better than this.

Overall, I think if you don’t have real big pores that are noticeable, dry skin, or deep lines this product may work really well for you. It would also help if you have young skin too 🙂

I know there are a lot of women who really like this product but for me, while I don’t hate it, I think it’s just OK . I will finish it up though because as you know, I hate to waste money and it doesn’t look terrible on me.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Until next time 🙂



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