NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams


Hello Pretties!

Todays Review is on NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I love the packaging on these. The tops are like a black rubber kind of finish which makes for good grip and the colors actually are what’s in the little bottle.

Before we go any further, I’ve swatched the ones I have for you so let me show you the colors.


Starting at the top we have, Tokyo, Istanbul, Buenos Aries, and Cairo. I saw at Target they have recently come out with new colors. They are on the darker side which I don’t wear dark lipsticks but the colors looked very pretty.

My favorite out of these is Istanbul. I do find these to be very good on pigmentation but as for ‘creamy’ not really. They go on smoothly and creamy but when they dry, the product is drying to the lips as well as a bit sticky. Often times I will use these as a base and put a lipstick over the top. I will say though that they do have lasting power. Through eating and drinking they don’t seem to wear off and I have still had some color left approx. 5 hours after the initially applying them.

Conclusion: Love the packaging, love the pigmentation, love the lasting power. What I don’t like is how dry they are when set.

Final thoughts: Great price, great colors, will continue to use them and probably buy again but only the ones that I truly love.

Until next time 🙂



8 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

  1. I have a question. I have really dark lips so most coloured lip product except dark or bright reds, do not show on my lip. How do I get lighter coloured lip products such as lip pink lip gloss to show??


    • Have you tried using a lip primer that has some color to it? I use Laura Gellers Lip Spackle. It has a sort of creamish color to it and it helps any kind of lip color you use stay true to color. That may help 🙂


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