NYX Boheme Chic Pallet


Hi Pretties!

Today I am reviewing NYX Boheme Chic Pallet.

I was on the hunt for matte eye shadows. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find a completely matte pallet. I don’t know if cosmetic companies don’t understand there are many many women who love just matte finishes or they just don’t seem to care about the ‘older’ crowd. I know a lot of older women who wear shimmery even glittery shadows on their lids and it looks nice on them but my lids , while it doesn’t look horrible on me, I don’t like how it looks. My eyes are dry on the lids just like they are on the bottoms and so shimmer just accentuates that and THAT is not something I want. I then came across this pallet from NYX. Let me show you what it looks like.


Pretty isn’t it?

All the colors up top are MATTE.. yes, ALL matte. Woo Hoo! Thats 18 matte shadows.  On the bottom there are a couple of shimmers which I haven’t used except for one. The wine looking color and I used that in my outer corner. The blue colors, while nice, just aren’t my thing and I haven’t delved into the blushes there either.

Let me begin with the packaging. The pallet itself is a hard plastic and the top row actually slides up to expose the bottom row. It’s a bit awkward but it works. It also has a nice size mirror on the inside lid making it good for travel.

As I said, I haven’t tried any of the bottom colors except for the one but I can speak to the top colors. They are all VERY pigmented and a little goes a long way. I also like the blend-ability of these shadows. They blend very well and I like the fact that they are all pretty neutral. The downside to this pallet, if you have used NYX shadows before then you know they are pretty chalky and can create a lot of fallout so you have to just tap the excess off before applying.

Conclusion : The price I think is fair at $18.00 US at Target for the entire pallet. Lets face it, you’re getting twenty four eye shadows and two blush colors. Neutral colors for a very natural look that you can wear lightly for an everyday look or ramp up for an evening look. Blend well, great pigmentation. I will continue to use this despite the chalkiness and once it’s empty which I’m sure will be a while I would repurchase it.

Until next time 🙂



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