Hi everyone, 

Yes I know, it’s just been ages and ages since I put up a new post but I’m back. Well, at least I am trying to be.. You knowhow it is, life gets in the way….a lot!…

Today I wanted to share with you the goodies I purchased from Zoya. Why am I sharing? Because I just absolutely love, love Zoya Polishes!

Last week Zoya had an awesome promotion running.  You were to choose six of their polishes and you would receive 50% off! In return they asked that you send them six nail polishes of your own that you no longer wanted. They said this was not a requirement but they were hoping people would still do it. By they way, my six polishes are packed and waiting to be posted to them. If the 50% off wasn’t good enough, you also got to choose what colors and finishes you wanted! If you’re a nail polish lover, can you see why I am so excited?


Let me now bring you the six polishes from Zoya that I chose. 

Please meet


SAVITA is a vibrant medium purple with strong red and gold shimmer with a velvet MATTEVELVET finish. A new take on the matte trend for fall/winter with a pop of bold color.



 FARAH. can be best described as an opaque light khaki-beige with subtle sandy, greenish undertones and a cream finish. An always appropriate neutral to add to your polish wardrobe.



COCO can be best described as a dark marsala mauve with brown, red and purple undertones with a smooth creme finish. A darker version of the classic mauve creme for a bolder look.



 KRISTEN can be best described as a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue. An ideal cool neutral color that covers fully opaque in 2 coats.



KENDAL can be best described as a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade. An ideal winter neutral nail polish color that covers fully in 2 coats.



 PERRIE can be best described as a beautiful, glossy cool-toned lavender.

I don’t think there is anything I do not like about Zoya polishes from the formula to the wear.

How about you? What are your favorite nail polish brands and why?


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