When Routine Becomes A Nightmare…..

Hi everyone.

I wanted to bring a small update for all of you who have been asking. Please bare with me as I briefly explain for those who do not know what the situation is. 

For those not in the know, my 9 year old Lab Mix went in for bladder surgery on Sept. 4th.


He has a history of calcium stones that build up and make it impossible for him to pee. To fix this they do a surgery by where the urethra tube (thats where he pees from) is taken out of his penis and relocated behind the penis attached to a new hole that is made. This is done so that when the stones reoccurre, which they will, they will pass through this larger hole, he will no longer feel them and he will have no trouble urinating. I was told that this was a very ‘routine’ operation. Sadly, for my Jake, it has been anything but.  

Jake was in the hospital from Thursday the 4th until Monday the 8th. We were told we could bring him home although he was still bleeding a bit which I am told is normal, he just needs time to heal. From that Monday until Thursday of the same week it was pretty rough. He had to be confined to one room with the tile floor and basically, all my husband and I did was clean up and disinfect the floor all day and night. That Thursday morning Jake did not look well to me. If you are around your pets long enough you can tell when their facial expressions change and most times, what those changes mean.  I knew Jakes face meant he did not feel well. After letting him outside to do ‘his business” he came back inside and there was a lot, and I mean a lot of blood coming from him. More than had been since he came home on Monday. 

My husband and I managed to get him to lay down and rolled on his side to check his incision. Sure enough he was missing stitches and the area where the surgery took place was extremely swollen. We rushed him back to the vet and were told to leave him there as they wanted to sedated him so they could clean the area, sew him up again and insert a catheter into his bladder to make sure there was no urine backing up. In the end there was no urine backing up but Jake did have a urinary tract infection and they ended up having to sew the catheter in so it would stay put. My doctor said he wanted to keep Jake over the weekend so he could keep a good eye on him and keep him comfortable. 

2014-06-18 09.39.12

Okay folks, for those in the know, this is where I left off with you in my last video.

Now for all of you, I have an update. As of this writing, Tuesday Sept 15th, Jake is still in the hospital and will be for an undetermined amount of time at this point.  It seems that between Monday evening and this morning, the swelling Jake has, got worse again. Because of this , his body expelled some stitches again as well as the catheter. Early this afternoon, another vet at our practice had to sedate Jake yet again, clean the incision , sew him up again and sew the catheter in place again. As of tomorrow, they are going to try putting him on some steroids to see if that will help bring down this terrible swelling that seems to be causing all the trouble. The problem with steroids is a catch twenty-two. While they are great for reducing swelling in the body, they are also not the first drug of choice after an operation because they can also inhibit healing but, at this point, at least for Jake the positives outweigh the negatives. So right now it is a day by day thing and we just have to see how it goes..

My husband and I are anxious as you can imagine. We know he is in good hands and needs to be where he is at the moment but we also miss and want him home, healthy and happy just like in this photo.



7 thoughts on “When Routine Becomes A Nightmare…..

  1. Poor u and Lou and jake….u are holding up well. I hope and pray they have him on correct antibiotic in add to steroids. He needs his special kiss and hugs from mom and dad when he returns. He is so darn cute!!!!!!!!


    • HI Jodi, Well it got worse last night.. During the night Jake chewed the catheter and half of it ended up in his bladder and he needed more surgery this morning to retrieve it.. This is a nightmare :(.. Thanks for reading and commenting Jodi.. Love you XO


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