Hello dear readers.. 

Just wanted to share some happiness with you all.. 

Our Jake is home! Finally! 


It’s been a very long two weeks but most of all for Jake…He’s been operated on 3 times in the last two weeks and he’s finally healed enough to come back home.


He has a long recovery ahead of him and we will be taking him back in on Thursday of this week just so one of his doctors can take a peak just to make sure he’s doing well at home…


As you can imagine, he’s not happy about having this cone on his head and he’s pretty much banging into everything he can bang into but, for Jake this is a must.. We have learned over the last two weeks not only is Jake a very funny boy he’s also an extremely smart escape artist as he managed up until Tuesday of last week to escape out of every cone and donut the doctors put on him..


But, Jake is very happy to be home and Mom and Dad are glad to have all their furry kids under one roof again..

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers.. !





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