Hello again my dear readers!

So, what do most people do when they can’t sleep? Well, usually people will watch television, surf the internet, surf through their newsfeed on Facebook, play a video game etc. All things that of course, will not help us sleep.

Here’s the thing. My husband is not ‘most’ people. Saturday night he couldn’t sleep which sadly, is not out of the norm for him due to his back pain. Usually, yes I said usually, he will get on his PS4 which like most people will do absolutely zero to help him sleep but not this past Saturday night. No, this past Saturday night my husband had a craving. Who says men don’t experience menopause? I’m here to tell you, yes they do!

At two o’ clock in the morning, this! is what my husband was doing…


Yes, thats right.. He was baking a cake! That I must add, he made from scratch. No box stuff for this guy.. He loves to cook and bake. My body just wishes he wouldn’t do it at two am but, you do what can when you can even if it’s two am in the morning!  Right here he was making the frosting, yes that was from scratch as well.. 

He made this beautiful orange sheet cake using “Clementines” in the cake batter and using the rind in the icing.. He’s so creative with food when he’s able. .I’m a good cook but I must concede my husband has always been a better one. I’ve always said he should have went to chef school. 


And here is my proud chef with his delicious creation!


I hope you enjoyed this little two am journey with us! 

What do you do when you can’t sleep?





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