2 thoughts on “Play That Funky Music White Boy….

  1. OH Robyn…sister from another mister…LOL! That is the first time I have ever used that slang. Throwing in a little current slag to go with the lyrics of Play That Funky Music you have running through my head. I am going through the exact same thing. I am truly limiting which videos I watch, because they are boring and superficial. The truth is, when people over shop and over spend, they are lacking in other areas of their life. It’s a crutch to try and fix what is wrong elsewhere. I am going through HELL with my health right now (this week is BAD), but even during the really rough times, there is nothing in a store or online that is more valuable to me then time spent with my husband at home.


    • I hear ya sister, I hear ya.. Im sorry you’re feeling so badly but I do understand.. You know Im here if you want to talk.. Just call, text etc.. Sending my love.. Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting too! 🙂 XO


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