Tobiah means "The Lord Is Good"

Hey everyone!

Yes  I am actually putting up another post! Thats two days in a row! Alert the media! …

If you follow me on Facebook then you already know but for those who aren’t on my facebook, I’d like to introduce you to



Yes, we have a new four legged child and no he wasn’t planned. Let me give you the ‘deets’ on how Toby came into our lives. On Monday evening around six o’ clock in the evening our best friend Linda called me and told me she found an abandoned puppy stuck between her shed and her fence.. She proceeded to tell me how cute he was and, at this point I was resisting completely. After having raised ten dogs over the last fourteen years I was all ready to help my last three live out whatever the rest of their lives are in peace an as well as possible but, there’s always a but isn’t there? Linda said, “I don’t think he can hear”. For some reason that was all “I” needed to hear and I told her I would be right down. Now any warm hearted human being can not look at a puppy much less one that has been abandoned, who is dirty and crying and NOT want to help. I called my husband and I sent him a text message so he could see this little dirty snowball and it didn’t take five minutes an my husband said “bring him home”. At this point, for myself, I wasn’t thinking about keeping him but rather simply doing all I could to help him until we could him into our vet in the morning. So with that, we gave him a bath because he was absolutely filthy and had fleas. Forty minutes later, the fleas were picked off an Toby wasn’t cream colored, or beige, he was actually white with black dots. Kind of like a dalmatian.


After a long and warm bath, I dried him in my arms in a towel and then we gave him something to eat. He was starving by the way and thirsty. Once he was cleaned up and fed we cordoned him off in our small guest bathroom. Made him a nice soft cuddly bed to sleep on and waited for morning to come. When it did we took him right into the vet. We had estimated Toby to be about five or six weeks old. We were happily surprised to learn he’s actually closer to nine weeks old. The vet gave him a good exam and said he seems healthy and strong and then they did some tests to see if he had any worms, which all puppies do. What I was worried about was parasites as well as any kind of respiratory infections that he could pass on to my other pups. I have to keep them safe as well. Turns out, no infections, no fevers, no parasites just worms and a few fleas we didn’t catch. Toby received his first deworming treatment along with his first set of vaccines and Advantage Multi to kill any fleas and or eggs that may have been left on him. Toby is now in his furever home, safe, healthy and happy.


Today was all about learning to walk on different surfaces other than carpet which he absolutely hated to come off of but, as of tonight he’s roaming all over when allowed and potty training which will be going on for quite some time.

In all honesty, I was seriously not ever looking to go back to ‘puppy hood’ because I know how much work it is, I know how physical it is and I don’t have enough energy. My husband doesn’t either but, my husband is head over heels in love with Toby so he’s finding the energy he needs. Meanwhile I am tending to Bailey who will be leaving us sooner than later unfortunately and he, needs all my time and attention for now.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Toby. A little side note if you’re wondering why we named him Toby. I was looking at biblical names ( it’s just my thing) and I came across “Tobiah” which is a Hebrew name and those named Tobiah are usually called “Toby”. The name Tobiah or Toby has a meaning and that is,

“The Lord is Good”.

I thought how fitting. Here this little guy got dumped by some heartless individual, was outside probably all his life , got stuck between a shed and a fence for who knows how long. Was dirty, flea ridden, starving and yet survived. Then he found a good home where he is loved and will always be well taken care of.

So yes, God is Good Toby!



Oh by the way… Toby is believed to be part pit-bull part dalmatian.


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