Something Yet Nothing….

Today was the same kind of day that I seem to be having for about the last two weeks. Lots of things I could accomplish yet I accomplish nothing. Although, I did manage to do a few things today one of which sadly, turned out to be a waste of food and energy but I had to try.

As most of you know and for those who don’t, I lost my ability to swallow solid foods fourteen years ago. (cause unknown despite many tests). Because of this I survive on very little nourishment (thanks to God) and a lot of soups but I still have issues with spices, gluten etc. So, cooking for me is not an easy task and when I find something that tastes good, I can swallow and sits well on my stomach I stick with it. The problem with this is it’s very repetitious and after eating it so many times you literally can get to the point that even the thought of one more spoonful is enough to make you projectile vomit.

Today I tried a new recipe for a gluten free cauliflower and quinoa soup. The good part, it was easy to make, quick to cook and would have, yes I said would have, tasted awesome! except for one thing. The recipe called for Thyme. I’m not a big fan of thyme but I made it according to the recipe although I only put in a quarter of the thyme it called for. Unfortunately that was enough.. it ruined the whole pot of soup. All you could taste was thyme and it left and after taste of thyme. I ended up pitching the whole pot down the toilet. Food, time and energy wasted although maybe it wasn’t all a waste because now I know for next time, to skip the ‘thyme’…

And then there is …..Toby who I am slowly beginning to call Dennis as in “Dennis the Menace”


He’s only a baby and needs the attention of a 9 week old pup and of course we are potty training. Lou had to run out to the store today to get his medications and so that left me with the little ankle biter for a while. Im beginning to think he waits for Lou to leave before he starts his menacing. I”ll skip the details but lets just say it included some carpet cleaning.



Jake here decided to bleed and I had blood all over the tile floor. At first I didn’t know where it was coming from but quickly (thank you God) found the source. Jake has a little wart type thing on one of his back feet and he must have chewed it and it bled. For something so small it sure bleeds a lot. I stopped the bleeding and cleaned up the floor.

One of the highlights of my day was a nice long(until I saw the blood) phone conversation with a good friend(thanks Trish). That was a nice break from all the thoughts floating in my head as of late. Another was, I didn’t have to cook dinner. Last night I made a huge ham and invited Billy and Linda (our best friends) over for dinner and there is plenty! for left overs.

Once I got all the dogs fed, the dishes loaded in the dishwasher, counters and stove top cleaned up I made myself a nice cup of coffee , sat down, turned on a cheesy Halloween horror film from my childhood and worked on my crochet some.

20151029_210652And that there folks was my day… Tomorrow I did want to get out and run some errands but because of the soup that flopped today I’ll have to stay home tomorrow morning and cook again. I”ll be trying another soup. This one is a gluten free white bean and ham soup. I’ll let you know how it turns out!




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