We Have Success!


Today is day four in “Life with Toby”. Today we worked on doing our “personal business” outside.

To my very very HAPPY surprise he likes it! (Hey Mikey! He likes it!) Yes, I know, I did it again. I just dated myself. Anyone else remember that commercial? Shoot, ADD kicked in again.. Where were we? Oh yes, Toby and his ‘outside business”.

Toby is young. The doctor gave a good guesstimate at about 9 weeks old but he is old enough to start getting into a routine and I decided today was the day. I can’t lie and say it’s not physically taxing on me but as my husband said when he really wanted me to agree to keep Toby ” I will take care of him don’t worry” (sounds a little boy you may know?) beginning tomorrow, the hubby will be taking care of this. I just got him started.

Toby’s new schedule is, he eats a half a cup of food three to four times a day (four if he’s hungry enough) . Twenty minutes after he eats we go outside so he can ” do his thing”.. The first time was this afternoon and he did it!! He peed AND he pooped! I was so proud *beaming smile*

Next part of the schedule is soon as he wakes up we go outside. That worked too. This time I got TWO peepee’s and FOUR poopies! Tonight after he ate , we waited twenty minutes and back outside. Tonight I got one peepee and one poopie. Its now nine-thirty pm and he will go out at ten pm and then again at 11 pm and that will be it for tonight.

Yes I know, this may be TMI for some but I was so proud of Toby today.. Let’s just pray he keeps it up.

Way to go Toby! Mama and Daddy are SO proud of you!



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