It Makes My Heart Sing…


Yes it makes my heart sing.. What is that you ask? My Bailey….

Bailey is a lhasa apso who is one month shy of his 15th birthday and the light of my life, my missing limb, my heart etc. I could go on and on. Bailey has many health issue’s at this age as you could imagine. At fifteen for a dog it’s likened to a ninety year old person. Bailey is a diabetic, he is blind, has some dementia and some other issues but, we do the best we can. He also sleeps a lot because well, who wouldn’t at his age!

Tonight I decided to go food shopping on the spur of the moment and while there I had to pick up some things for Toby and I wanted to get a new toy also for Matty and Jake as well as Bailey even though I was pretty sure Bailey wouldn’t be interested in it much if at all.



As you can see, I am HAPPY to say I was wrong! Yes I was wrong! Let me shout it from the roof tops! I was wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be wrong.. LOL…

I opened the toys and the moment heard the squeaker inside he went for it. I couldn’t believe it. And he played with it for a while too!. I’ve always been an easy to please woman. I am far from ‘high maintenance’ so little things this just do it for me,

And THIS? Makes my heart sing!




3 thoughts on “It Makes My Heart Sing…

  1. Robyn, Bailey looks sooo happy……can tell he is your heart. How fun all the unconditional love they give us. Hope Toby is doing well…..God Bless you guys……xoxo…..Debbie (Skierty 2)


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