Do You Dress For Your Body Type?

Hi Friends.

Today I wanted to talk to you about dressing for your body type.

Now that I’m in my forties my body type has changed over the last few years. Actually, it seems to keep changing but one thing that has stayed the same is the shape of my body. For most women, when they reach a certain age due to hormones, health etc. we gain weight, some lose weight and when these things happen we have a hard time dressing ourselves because, clothing becomes too lose, or too tight, or bounces back and forth. I seem to be in the latter category.

Over the last six months or so my clothing doesn’t feel right on me. Most things have become too tight and I only bought new clothes last year. I don’t feel comfortable in my clothing, I feel kind of suffocated in everything and well, to be honest, my tops don’t look very well on me anymore either. While I’m not an overly heavy woman, I stand at five foot one the last time I checked and my weight last time I checked flip flops between one hundred and eleven pounds and one hundred and thirteen pounds. Due to this I have been recently picking up a t-shirt here, a top there with no real direction.

So, the other night I sat down at my computer and decided to do a little research on what would look best for me. I began by researching what my body type is. To do this you first have to take your measurements. Here’s a chart to help you do that.

You want to measure the fullest part of the bust, the smallest part of the waist and the fullest part of your hips. To do the hip area take your tape measure and put it around your buttocks and then your hips. I just added this for you because I was unsure where to put the tape measure at first.

Once you have your measurements you can then go to the internet and research your body type. All I did was Google, “what body shape am I”

I used this site

Shop Your Shape

All you do is input your measurements and they will tell you your body shape according to your measurements and then they will suggest what types , and cuts of clothing would look best on you. I happen to be an “apple” shape or a “banana” shape. I actually fall into two categories. What these mean for me is, I look best in clothing that will accentuate my shoulders and neckline as well as my legs. So they suggested I wear low rise, dark color, straight leg jeans and pants. Shirts and tops that don’t have any “bling” on them but have deep V necklines as well as scoop necks and square necks. Also, tops that have flowey arms and empire wastes to hide the sins of my belly 🙂 For accessories they suggested scarves worn in different ways as well as satchel handbags as opposed to shoulder bags. One last piece of advice and it’s a good one, get yourself a WELL fitting, comfortable bra.

My next step was to hit my closet. So far I’ve only gotten my tops done. I did have a lot of the types of tops they suggested. I began by taking out every single top I own and trying it on and really looking at it in the mirror on myself, asking questions. How does this look on me? Do I have back fat? (Yes ladies most of us will all deal with this at some point), does it hide my belly? Does it lay right? Does it look nice? How is the color on me? Do I feel nice in it? Does it feel comfortable? Yes, I did this with every single top. I ended up cleaning out a lot of pieces and I am still left with plenty.

Here are the two piles of tops and T-shirts I am donating.

20151104_120306-2 (1)

The end result of this is now, I know I have tops in my closet that fit well, look nice and feel good. I no longer dread thinking about what I’m going to wear. Yes I did dread it because a lot of the tops I would always chose were tight on me and I knew I would feel uncomfortable the whole time I had them on. I will start on my pants and jeans next week.

On Tuesday I took the advice from the website an went out and bought myself two very comfortable, well fitting bras along with an inexpensive satchel hangbag. I can not tell  you what a pleasure it was getting dressed on Wednesday. I felt comfortable in my clothes, they looked nice on me and the satchel handbag just pulled it all together.

So what about you? Do you dress for your body type? If not, would you like to try?




2 thoughts on “Do You Dress For Your Body Type?

  1. This is a very good topic. For those individuals that know how to sew and have a machine, it may just be a matter of making some alterations. Taking a boxy shirt and adding darts to it to give it a shape and draw attention to those that have a small waste. Armed with the knowledge of what your shape is and the colors that look good on you and go with other key pieces in your wardrobe make such a difference. Looking forward to hearing more on how you progress. Take care-Sue from Michigan


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