Sarah & Toby Update

I thought I would give you all who are interested and have been following along since YouTube an update on how our little furry puppies Sarah and Toby are doing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our newest family additions, let me introduce  you. 

Here is Toby


Toby is now five months old. I really need an updated photo of him because he’s gotten much bigger than this. 

This Toby’s biological sister Sarah.


Sarah is also five months old and again, I need to take an updated photo of her as she has grown also. 

They had a doctor visit this week so Toby could receive his last booster shot and Sarah was kind of penciled in. We noticed on Sarah over the weekend that she was scratching terribly just at the base of her tail on her back. I ran my fingers down into her fur and felt something like scabs. We then shaved the area and saw that’s exactly what it was but we didn’t know what was causing it so we took her in with Toby.

Turns out our little Sarah who we rescued from the disgusting, filthy conditions she was living in has a skin staff infection which she has probably had since we grabbed her a month ago but because her hair is so wiry and black we never noticed it.

Toby this darling boy who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble yet (ah, puppy hood) also gave himself a slight skin staff infection on his belly where he was neutered last week because he wouldn’t stop licking it. Both Sarah and Toby are on antibiotics and it should clear up soon with the help of the oatmeal and Aloe baths we’ve been giving them.

As for the rest, they are both, besides the slight skin infections in very good health. Growing like weeds. Toby weighed in before he was neutered two weeks ago at 22 pounds and he is now weighing in at a whopping 38.9 pounds!

Sarah my sweet little girl weighed in at her last vet visit the week before at 18.2 pounds has now weighed in at 25.7 pounds!

So they are both growing like weeds, healthy and thriving..As a pet parent you can’t ask for more than that!.

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2 thoughts on “Sarah & Toby Update

  1. Robyn, glad Toby and Sarah are doing great. Definitely keep us posted with pics or show them on youtube……love that your back I missed seeing and hearing from you. You know I love hearing about the fur babies…..but they don’t seem like babies anymore… careful picking them up. Hope your having a great week…..xoxo….Debbie


  2. Hi Robyn!!
    I’m so glad you shared how Toby and Sarah are doing!!
    I’ve been hoping you’d let us know and am so glad they are both doing so well.
    Please let us know how you and Lou are doing…I miss your YT channel and visiting with you!!
    Wishing everyone well and please give all the babies hugs and kisses from us!
    Love you, Jodi & Katie


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