2016 Make-Up Challenge!

Hey friends!

The other day I was, yet again, sorting through my makeup “collection”. I called it a collection because ridiculously enough, for me, I have acquired so much there’s no other word for it. As I was sorting through I threw away any pieces I knew I wouldn’t use or haven’t used an I kept only what I know I would use and really like.. As I was doing this I realized I was still left with a lot as far as eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and blushes. These are my three addictions when it comes to makeup. As I looked at all of it just staring back at me I thought to myself “this is ridiculous! You have to use all of this and not add to it”

So I came to a few realizations that I am going to stick to this year.

1. I have enough eye shadow palettes and blushes for ten women and two years.

2. I have a shopping problem which I’ve always known and thought I kicked it only to realize I didn’t I just replaced jewelry with makeup.

3. I’ve wasted  a lot of money over the last two years on makeup. Now if you’re a makeup artist then I can completely understand having a ton of it but for the average woman like myself, no one ‘needs’ all this.

4. Lastly and most importantly I realized that I thought by having a lot to choose from it would be freeing and fun. Instead I’m not free at all and it’s not fun. Why? Because there is TOO MUCH to choose from. That’s not free or fun. Every morning is a battle deciding what eye shadow I want to wear, what blush etc. The truth is when we have such an abundance of something we actually create more stress than less and more stress is the last thing I want. What I want is easy. I know what I like, what looks good on me and I want to sit down to my makeup in the morning without having to take ten minutes to decide what I should wear. 

In light of all this I decided to do a 2016 makeup challenge.

I chose some eye shadow palettes and a few blushes that I want to use and I put the rest away. When I am finished with these I will then pull out what I have left and I do NOT want to add to it. I don’t need anymore and I don’t have the money to waste.

So I thought I would share with you all the products I’ve chosen to use up. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 

⇔Eye Shadow Palettes⇔






For those who have not seen the Tatrtlette Tease Palette as it’s fairly new I’ve snapped a photo so you can see the colors. 





The rest of the photos are items I use all the time and will replace as I use them up.









As for lipsticks. I pretty much got rid of most of them and I left myself with four lipsticks and three lip glosses. I’ll do a separate post on those if you’d like to see what I chose. 

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