What We Want Vs Need, Capabilty


Sometimes, it takes some people to really understand what living within your means, truly, means. No pun intended. I was one of those people but I have finally gotten it. I have finally at the age of almost forty-six realized that the only way on the income I have that I will ever be semi comfortable is to begin living within my limited means and sacrificing things I want. Getting those you live with may not always work out or it may take a long time for them to ……get it…

I have made many financial mistakes in the past thirteen years, I didn’t make them alone, I know the reasons why I made them.  But, regardless of the reasons or who made them with me the point is they were made and now it’s time for reality to take hold or our lives will never change. We will always be short at the end of the month having to borrow into the following month, every thing that breaks down will be a crisis because there will never be any back up finances to pay for it, we will not get much needed medical care, we will always be scrounging. I have lived my entire life like this and I don’t want to live this way..

Then there may be others in your life or people you know who, still live like this but also still want what they want regardless of what’s really important and they ‘feel’ they are ‘entitled’ to have these things because after all, they worked hard their whole lives and so they should be able to have whatever they desire.. Well…… that’s  a nice idea if you didn’t have to start all over halfway through your life, if you didn’t make all the financial blunders you did and if you’re financially well off..

I have never been financially well off, I will never be financially well off and most of the people I know are not and never will be financially well off. This is a fact that I have come to accept and I am fine with it. It can be very hard to get people to understand that what they have is enough. We live in a country where society tells us we need more, more and more and we need better than we had or have. This is one of the biggest lies to ever come down the pike. Even those of us who have minimal financial means, if we live in the United States I can bet we all have what we already need as far as material items go.

A large majority of us are very blessed. We have a roof over our head. No it may not be a mansion but it’s a warm in the winter, cool in the summer, comfortable roof over our heads. We have beds to sleep in, clothes in our closets, food on our tables, cars under our butts, computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. and the means to pay for it all regardless of how we make our money.. What else do we truly need when it comes to material things? I’d say, not much. But we have been lead to believe it’s never enough. So many people in this world don’t have even the smallest necessities to sustain life and we complain? Here’s the hard part.. Getting your spouse, family etc to see this, accept this, be thankful for what you do have..

How do we do that? Honestly, I have no idea.. I am trying but having a very hard time.. Are you having this problem? Have you had this problem? If you have and you have been able to get your family /spouse to see, would you be so kind to share with those of us who are struggling?

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One thought on “What We Want Vs Need, Capabilty

  1. Hey, Robyn, it is an on going battle, but what works for awhile with me and my husband till one of us gets swayed is to have that common goal sitting down together and looking at the good, bad and ugly. Almost like if your saving for a trip or a big ticket item. You write down your bills cause usually the person doing the bills gets it and the other doesn’t. You do it together go over all the line items and really talk about what is fixed is fixed but there are a few even groceries that can be gone through with a fine tooth comb not to not eat but to really look at the items purchased. Maybe sticking to a meal plan and you know ways to use up what we have in the freezer and so on and so forth. Renegotiating any bundles like cable, tv, internet or dropping them. Looking at really were is my money going. Usually you can find that extra bit of cash and start putting it away. Away for what you ask well that is were your significant other comes into play you both decide what you want that extra money for …..emergency fund probably should be first so that you don’t have to dip into bill money, then to breathe a bit or whatever. It sounds silly but even a $1.00 put away will add up. Then look around at your home and see if there is anything you can put out on consignment or sell outright or do a garage sale in the spring and put that money away. Just really coming together and looking at everything. It is not easy but it can be done. Me and my husband are trying really hard to pay down debt that we got into because of necessities…..has it been easy NO….we stray off the path we set but each time we feel down or defeated we look at that goal again and no that we have to come together if we want to make it happen and we get renewed strength and continue on. This will take us a few years to say the least and we have been doing it for a few years but we are not giving up because we can see our goal at the end. The road is not easy but together and with God help and a little planning you can gather that strength to move forward even if tiny steps to feel better about your situation. Oh, yeah and I almost forgot the most important part it will require sacrifice on both parts…..like maybe giving up something your use to or want but that doesn’t mean you can get at a later date or for those special occasions….. hope this sheds some like. I am not an expert nor am I there yet I am one that lives like most Americans but I am not giving up I am working toward that goal to feel comfortable with the income I have and not have debt and so on and so forth. Hopes this helps…..xoxo…..Debbie


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