This is my Friday Face


Yep and thats exactly what I look like too! 

Phew! It’s been some week.. Of course everything I did and everything that happened was unexpected. I’ve been told by some very holy priests that the Lord only gives His toughest battles to His warriors. Well this mama is one tired warrior.. 

I had not planned on going out today as I am still fighting this nasty sinus infection / virus thing that seems to be going around. My husband has had it for over a week and is on round two of antibiotics and I only started antibiotics this past Thursday so yeah, I have a ways to go yet. My plan was to stay in today, do as little as possible and rest. 

Ah.. the best laid plans of mice and men… Of course that didn’t happen. I ended up walking out the door at 8:45am. First stop was the bank, next was Walmart. Oh how I dislike going there but my husband insisted on me getting these compression copper gloves to see if they would help with the pain and swelling in my hands and fingers. Mainly the right hand. Well, I don’t know what these magic gloves are supposed to do but I didn’t feel nothin…they’re going back. 

Then it was off to Dollar Tree. I needed to get some cards, and a few small Valentine’s day gifts for friends and the hub plus he wanted me to pick up some more of those cookie sheets that they sell for a dollar. Have you seen these???? I am pretty shocked at the good quality they are for a buck. I only bought two because I didn’t know how many he wanted. He wants like ten, so I’ll have to go back which is okay with me because while there I saw that they had this rubber matte that you can put under small rugs to hold them in place. I should have grabbed it because I need one for the little rug near my front door but I forgot to get it. 

Then I saw this cute little crate and took that because I needed something to hold my eye shadow palettes in. What I originally had them in I am using in my office / guest room. The crate holds them all and doesn’t take up much room on my makeup table.


Lastly I needed to run down to the vet and pick up some more medications for Toby and Sarah. We still don’t know what kind of parasite they have as the test that was sent out on Tuesday still hasn’t come back but hopefully this medication will slow down the diarrhea. Yep, TMI sorry about that…Then it was on to home where I had to clean up the kitchen,  vacuum and wash the floors, and load the dishwasher. I took about an hour and a half nap this afternoon and when I got up, I sat for a bit had a little something to eat then had my mid afternoon coffee with some chocolate chip cookies an colored in my adult coloring book. Yes, Im 45 and I still like to color. Don’t judge!

Before I knew it, it was five PM and time to feed the four leggeds and cook for the hubs. Easy dinner tonight. Cheese dogs and onion rings. One of his favorites. We had so much rain here the last two days there’s a lot of mud outside so once again I had to vacuum the dining room and kitchen floors and run a wet swiffer over them. I cleaned up the dishes and washed down the counters and sink and now, yes I am tired!.

As for the rest of my night, I am going to watch the local news at six pm, spend some time with the Lord, take off my makeup and try and make a dent in the book I just started which by the way is a good read so far!..


Hope ya’ll had a good day!…

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4 thoughts on “This is my Friday Face

  1. Hey Robyn!!
    Hope your vet finds out how to treat sweet little Toby soon….I know you will too.
    Thanks for the book recommendation….looking forward to a restful week-end..did I tell you I’ve moved? Two good friends have helped me during this move and I feel so blessed that Our Father brought these two wonderful women into my life 14 years ago. Anyway, only have two more boxes to empty. Have a Super Bowl party to go to Sunday…we’re having home-made soup and cornbread…YUM!!
    Love the picture of the puppy…is that Toby?
    With your busy day…hope you can rest this week-end too!!
    Take good care of yourself…hug the babies for us please!
    Love you my friend, Jodi & Katie


    • Hi Jodi… I am hoping to know more tomorrow.. I feel bad for both of them. Theyve both had nothing but tummy trouble since day one..Yes you told me you moved and I was wondering if all went well and you’re almost settled into the new place? How is it? Do you like it? Have a great time at the party! Im sitting here watching it now…No that isn’t Toby it’s just a stock photo I found on the web but I loved it cause it reminded me of him when he was a baby…Jodi I want to thank you so much for coming over to my blog and reading and commenting on my posts. It means a lot to me that you support my writing by reading it. I do love so much to write on my blog…Thank you again my friend XOXO


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