Simply Saturday

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. I thought I’d share mine with you…

This morning I was up early because I knew I had some cooking to do for myself in the way of stocking up on some soups. If you’re new to my blog and wondering why I will be writing an updated post about my health so you understand a bit more. Anyway, on to the soup. A few months ago I ran across this awesome recipe for Northern Bean and Ham Soup and I just love it so it was on the stove bright and early this morning. 


This is what it looks like while cooking. When you’re done you blend it all together and it’s delicious. This recipe calls for a ham shank so I use the bone from the ham and some of the ham I cube for the soup and the rest of the ham I cook in the oven for my husband.


That probably? looks like a mauled chicken or something but really it’s a huge ham thats been de-boned and trimmed a bit. Doesn’t look pretty but sure tastes good.

After I got the cooking going and the kitchen cleaned up I spent some time with my littles.

This is my Bailey who is fifteen years old and in desperate need of a bath which I’m going to try and give him sometime tomorrow. 


Next up is my Toby who is five months old. 


And lastly but surely not least is my Sarah who is Toby sister and she is also five months old. 


If you read my last post I said that I had to run back to the Dollar Tree to pick up some more baking pans that my husband wanted along with some of these rubber mattes for underneath some little rugs I have in the house near the doors. I picked up a couple more things and thought I’d share them with you..

They had these nice little photos in frames so I grabbed them for when my master bath it’s finally finished being painted. I like the photos and the colors will match the wall color. I thought they were pretty decent for a dollar. 


They had these cute little frog stickers and I couldn’t pass them up because besides owls I love frogs and then I saw these shelf sitters for Valentine’s day and they reminded me of Toby when he was a baby so I took two of those. 

And of course these are the baking pans and the non slip rug underlays I spoke about. I put them down when I got home under the small rugs near my front door and my back doors and I’ll be darned if they don’t work really well!.

It was cold and windy while I would out this morning and I had forgotten to bring any kind of lip balm with me so I grabbed this lipstick by LA Colors just to have something to moisten my lips with and I was surprised to see that I actually liked the color. The photo is showing it as a light pink but in reality it’s really more of a darker brown pink. Now I just wish it had some staying power. What do you want for a dollar? I’m going to keep using it though cause I actually like it..

When I got home I did my usual things. Loaded the dishwasher, vacuumed and washed the kitchen and dining room floors etc. Tonight, I will just put all the food away and relax. 

I hope you enjoyed my sharing some of my Saturday with you and I hope you had a wonderful day too!. See you tomorrow! 

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7 thoughts on “Simply Saturday

  1. Wow you were productive. I took on the task of bathing Blu and Radar Friday only to have them come running in after a stroll in the marsh.


    • LOL Aww Marnie, we had the same problem with Toby. Lou gave him a bath the other day and today he ran outside and rolled in the mud 😦 I think they just like to be thanks so much for coming to my blog Marnie and posting a comment.. I really do love writing more than making videos.. Love you xoxo


  2. I love soup–I am trying to be Vegan for the most part, but I can just smell that ham, lol! I know what you mean about the rug grippers—there is a difference in how they are made. I love your black dog, Sarah? Cute!


  3. Robyn, looks like a productive day… the pics you got for the bathroom and the stickers fun. Girl, that soup looks awesome I know with the ingredients it just has to be sooo tasty. Love soups they are healthy and filling and great for this time of year. All the dogs looks cute and I can see why you love each and everyone. Hope your evening is going well and you have a wonderful Sunday….xoxo….Debbie


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