Day In The Life – Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Have any idea why this Tuesday out of the year has so many names including Fat Tuesday? It goes way back many many years. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday is because Catholics, and other denominations of Christianity are supposed to get all their gluttonous (yes gluttony is a sin) eating because Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and repentance. There’s a little history for you that either you wish you didn’t know about or you’re fascinated. It’s up to you.

My Fat Tuesday had a couple of wrenches thrown in it, none that were too bad but I would have rather not had to do them but alas since I did I will share. My plan, ah yes, there’s that plan again.. My plan was to stay home, get some paperwork done, begin our taxes and, remove and clean all the bedding and clean up any clutter that was laying around because the woman who comes to clean every two weeks will be here tomorrow. Yes I clean before my house cleaner comes.. Well, I don’t actually clean, clean, rather I pick up anything laying around so she doesn’t have too and can focus on cleaning. At 7 AM I heard the hubs was awake so asked him to make me some eggs which he gladly said he would then the next thing I heard was, 

Hubs: honey?

Me: Yes?

Hubs: Um, did you buy any egg beaters when you went food shopping? (egg beaters are all I can swallow in the morning)

Me: Um, no, you went food shopping

Hubs: I don’t think they were on the list. You don’t have any.

This was before my feet were even out of bed. So the hubs made me some very and I mean very soft scrambled eggs out of regular eggs and poured the rue I make over them. While he was cooking them I was asking God not to let me choke on them. (yes thats part of my health issue’s). Well, hubs made them really good but despite the love he put into them, because they had egg yolk in them they were too sticky even with the sauce I make and I had a hard time getting them down. I was only able to eat a little bit of them so breakfast for me was a bust. I did however have a chocolate cookie around 9:30 AM with my coffee.

Last night I asked the hubs if he would go to the store so I didn’t have to. He agree’d to so but as the morning wore on I realized I would have to go out anyway because not only did I need to get myself some egg beaters, I had to drop my down comforter off at the cleaners and then I wanted to run to the dollar store to get a glass bowl. I don’t have one and I need one to melt off the gel nail polish I had put on last week because it’s lifting already! It’s not supposed to be from what I’m told and if this is all it’s going to last on me it’s not worth the money for me to be paying to have them done. I will melt it off and do my nails at home again. Wow , that was a bit long winded huh?

While at the Dollar Tree I noticed they had these pretty glass jars and I wanted to get rid of the yucky looking plastic ones I had on my counter so I bought three of them, labeled them and put them on my counters. I think they look much better than the plastic ones. 


I bought one for Bailey’s cookies too.


I did manage to get the bedding all washed, sheets changed and I put an older comforter on my bed until my down one is finished at the cleaners. Don’t mind the clutter on my end table. It’s my everyday stuff and it stays there. 


It’s very cold outside for here in South Carolina and with the wind it feels even colder. The weather is supposed to be like this all week so I decided to pick up my crochet again despite the pain and swelling in my hands and wrists (yes I think have carpel tunnel syndrome) , put on my wrist brace and finish the blanket I put down months ago. This is how I’ll be spending the rest of my night.


I hope you had a good Fat Tuesday! 

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2 thoughts on “Day In The Life – Tuesday

  1. I had a smile at the chocolate cookie ;-). You are one energetic girl when you get going. Your bed looks lovely–and the pillow on it is a cute one. I had to groan at the crochet point however–I just can’t do it any more. I used to do it all of the time and it was such a relaxing thing for me. I am hoping tomorrow will bring a happier stage to my joints I have continued with the really bad joint pain since Sunday. The arthritis calendar for Wed is supposed to be beneficial so here is hoping. I agree with your inference about the wrist brace–they can be helpful so crochet on, girl, crochet on !


    • Hi Kim.. I don’t know if it’s so much energy or the fact that I know once I get moving if I stop I”m done for the day.. LOL…Trust me, I”m more than groaning through working on my crochet but Im so sick and tired of not doing what I like cause it hurts…Thanks for coming by Kim 🙂 XO


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