Saturdays Snippets & A Little More

Saturday morning my husband and I had lots of errands to run but this time running errands was kind of fun because something happened that hasn’t happened in a long time. You see, my husband has been through nine back surgeries since 2005 and the last two of them were almost complete reconstructions of the spine. As one would imagine, that leaves a person in a lot of pain, unable to do most things they used too and recovery from the last two is long and slow.

This Saturday my husband decided he wanted to join me and I was so happy he did. It’s the little things in life we take for granted but when they aren’t there anymore we miss them. At least I do. I can’t tell  you how nice it was sitting on the passenger side of the car as my husband drove us to all our errands. So what did we do?

Well first we had to go to vote because it was the Republican Primaries here in South Carolina. I can not tell you how grateful I am that it’s all over. My phone has finally stopped ringing! But one of the nicest things we did while waiting online and as we went a long doing other errands was….. holding hands..


Its been a very long time since we’ve been able to walk a little bit and hold hands while doing it. Then we stopped at the cleaners so I could pick up our down comforter, next the post office, after that, Walgreens so I could make a return and an exchange and lastly we went to the grocery store where, while standing in line to have lunch meat cut my husband had his arm around me and I got some kisses too. It felt like the early days of our marriage.

The best part of all this was…… the laughs.


My husband and I have always been able to have fun with lots of laughs doing the most mundane things and it was so wonderful for me to see that despite all we go through with our health and life itself we can still have fun doing almost nothing and laugh while we’re doing it. I always told him I married him cause he makes me laugh. Of course I would tell him I was just kidding but secretly, thats’ one of the reasons (smiles).

You just never realize how you can miss the tiniest things in a relationship until they are taken from you but when you get them back it feels amazing. Even though we did things on Saturday that most people will do any day of the week, for me, it was just simply……nice!

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5 thoughts on “Saturdays Snippets & A Little More

  1. That is awesome! It’s very easy to take things so small for granted. Sometimes I think couples that go thru crisis such as you and Lou end up with a deeper understanding within. Much love…marnie


  2. Robyn,
    This warms my heart so. You know I know you and Lou have your health concerns and all that that entails…..I think you know as well that being in a long term relationship a lot of the times life itself takes over where its health, fur and feather babies, children and adult children, parents life has a way of just taking over. I feel I am experiencing that now. It’s so hard to get back to the little things for sometimes. This reminded me that it is the little things that get us through the big things if that makes sense and when were feeling lost and out of sorts we just need to go back to the simply things because they always take us home. I am working on that now feel me an hubby just have no time with adult kids and parents we have been helping we have forgotten about us…..thanks for the reminder of where to start…..have a blessed day…..xoxo…Debbie


  3. Oh I am so glad you got to do this together. I know just what you mean! I so miss my walks with my hubby—I didn’t realize what a big part of our life and relationship they were. When we first were dating we always went on walks and talks (as I call them). They became a major part of our every day life. I sooooo miss them. I am now trying to do tiny walks (ten minutes) as I can. There is something, for us, about walking outside and talking together! It is the small things that can have big impacts on a relationship as far as I am concerned. I have stopped shopping , but I probably could go for 15 min
    utes sprees with him, lol!


    • You’re exactly right.. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact.. I didn’t know you have had to become so limited Kim.. Im so sorry.. I know how it feels to have to give up independence and it’s not easy. Not easy at all. Please know you’re in my prayers and I’m not far away should you need anything. XO


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