Not A Baby Anymore..

It’s official. My Toby is no longer a baby. Saturday night into Sunday afternoon he lost four baby teeth!.


I was so amazed because for all the dogs I’ve raised we never once were able to get any of their baby teeth. Usually a dog will swallow them, they loose them out side etc. But not Toby. He spits them out. Actually, when he lost the first one on Saturday night we got scared because we didn’t know and it looked like he was choking on something. So here we are trying to open his mouth, sticking our fingers in his mouth, down his throat. Poor thing probably thought we were torturing him. Suddenly I looked over to my left and there on the carpet was a tooth!.. So he was making all kinds of funny faces and slapping his tongue all over because like any kid who looses a tooth, it felt funny! 

Then late Saturday night I found another one near him and then on Sunday morning my husband found two more. At first I was alarmed at how quickly this was happening. I was thinking, good grief all his teeth are falling out. LOL.. but then I did some research and it seems this all very normal. And yes, even if you think its gross I kept them!… As I said, we have never been able to get any of our furry kids teeth so I was a little bit of a nervous mom there for a minute but now like any other mom, it’s kind of bitter sweet. He’s growing up and quickly too!

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2 thoughts on “Not A Baby Anymore..

  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve never been able to find a tooth on any of my fur babies. You better believe this momma would have kept it. I guess I’m strange to as I will give mine bites of stuff from my spoon. It’s pretty much the same as when you have a kid their slobber is yours. LoL. He is just beautiful.


  2. What a handsome boy!! Toby looks like he likes to cuddle and am sure he gets a lot of snuggles!! Please give him, his sister Sarah and the other sweet babies smoochies from Katie and me!!
    Love you my friend, Jodi


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