They’re Not Sick!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to put out an update on Toby and Sarah but you know,



I am happy to tell you that after the battery of tests that were sent to an outside lab and too much money it turn out thankfully, Sarah and Toby are not sick. They have something called “puppy gut” which means their bellies probably because of the environment we found them in doesn’t process food too well yet so they end up with diarrhea. Yeah, if you’re squeamish this is NOT the post for you. If I seem like I’m not squeamish enough talking about this well, thats because after raising over ten dogs this is normal conversation for me. You know, like all you human moms out there, poop is a topic to be discussed! We furry moms are the same.  And yes! We do get excited at ‘normal poopies”.

I digress. Bottom line is, Toby and Sarah will hopefully grow out of it. It has gotten a little better in the fact that they aren’t going to potty constantly.. The amount of times is normal just not the consistency. Hmm, sounds like I could be talking about… nevermind that would gross some people out… LOL

We are going to keep doing what we are doing, giving them a medication once a day to help and we will wait and see as they grow. And, not too worry, they are getting all the nutrients they need because both are still growing like weeds!

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5 thoughts on “They’re Not Sick!

  1. Sarah is beautiful to and has the gorgeous markings and gentle eyes. do you see much of a difference as far as your male and female dogs? I’ve never had a female and I didn’t know if they actually are not as ruff and are prissy?


  2. Oh I’m so happy. Toby tickles me with the 1 ear up and one bent. I just took my 2 on a ride. I honestly have never seen 2 that love to go in the car. My husband had to go to the Dr and Blu my wiemeraner went and got his leash and stood by the door after he left. He had never done that before. My rescue Radar is absolutely the most humble male nurse in the house. When brother Blu is not feeling well or mom or dad he will stay right with you and non stop lick u. My dogs rescued me and really keep me going with the depression and anxiety play their nasty games.💜


  3. Good news. I had to laugh about “POOP” talking. My kids had a standing joke that at dinnertime the subject always involved the Poop subject.

    So your doc didn’t think you should change their food? I know changing the food itself can cause problems if an animal is used to a certain bran. I remember if I had to change the food I had to do it in increments. So I just wondered if your doctor suggested any changes in the food itself. But at least it looks like they will grow out of it.


  4. Robyn, I soooo happy to hear the good new about Toby and Sara……I know that you are relieved….they are beautiful……enjoy them…..xoxo….Debbie p.s. hope your feeling better from the sinus stuff….your in my prayers for all the rest… ya…..Debbie


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