Hi All.. 

I know I know, where have I been?? Well yep, I’ve been slacking.. Guess you could say I’m a slacker these days. I haven’t blogged in a bit, lots going on. Lets see.

Almost three weeks ago I had to go to the emergency room because I woke up with a sinus infection that hit me like a ton of bricks over night. I have chronic sinus issue’s but this one was different and came on so quickly I didn’t even have time to think and the pain? I can’t even explain the pain I was in. So there was that.

About four days later on a Sunday night I ended up rushing my husband to the emergency room. He began coughing about three days after I got sick and by the time Sunday night rolled around he could barely breath and the wheezing he had sounded horrific. It was almost as if he was barely moving any air. So, off we went. After three hours, six nebulizer treatments, antibiotics, steroids and a diagnosis of severe bronchitis we were able to go home. It was three am. You can only imagine how tired we both were the next day. When you have five dogs, life doesn’t stop because you get sick. 

Fast forward 4 days later and I began coughing and the congestion in my head was so thick you’d of thought I had been sniffing concrete. Yep, you guessed it.. I got a version of what the hubby had only not bronchitis. To be honest, the doctors don’t seem to know just what the hell it is. Seems tons of people across the country have it, they think it’s a cross between a cold and the flu yet it isn’t either, antibiotics don’t work on it and I’m told it can last up to six weeks. I am now into week three and feeling a tiny bit better although still coughing but not as much. So I am guessing as are the doctors an others who have this, it’s just something that needs to run its course. Yuck, yuck. 

In the midst of all this my heating unit decided to go kaput and it was a dangerous situation. Long story short, we couldn’t use our heat until it was replaced, $$$$$, because there was a strong possibility my house could have gone on fire. We were staring down at a $4500 to $5000 bill and didn’t have it. Again, long story short, we were VERY blessed, blessed beyond measure, blessed more than we deserve and we now have a new heating unit along with a new air conditioning until because where I live they are all one unit and when one goes you have to replace both. It also didn’t cost us financially anywhere near what we thought. Thank you Lord!

Just in time too because this week and for the foreseeable future we are going to be in the high 70’s low 80’s here in the South. Along with that comes humidity and allergies which have already begun. I guess we aren’t getting a Spring this year we are going to go straight from Winter into Summer. I hate that.

Sorry there aren’t any photos to include with this post. You know all those so called blogging rules. “Make sure you have LOTS of photos. Make sure you have GOOD photos”.. I guess people no longer like to read they just wanna SEE. Lord help us.

I am going to try posting more when time allows and I hope you’ll all stick around..

I wish you all a very blessed Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “SLACKER!

  1. Have you and Lou ever thought about vaping instead of smoking Ive seen it work for many people it may help with the cough and infections its never too late….


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