Life Happens


Hello there friends…

Well, life happens doesn’t it? Spring has sprung here in my part of South Carolina for the most part. The weather seems as fickle as a woman these days. We have days of warmth in the 70’s and 80’s with bright sunshine and then two days later we are back in the upper 50’s again. Whoever said Mother Nature doesn’t PMS? As you can see my Azalea bush bloomed along with one other. It’s so sad they don’t bloom for long because the flowers are so pretty.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.  Me and the Man have been sick it seems for months. We ended up getting the crud that was going around. You know the one where you begin with a sinus infection then it turns into bronchitis and you swear your lungs will explode and someone is trying to rip out a rib with a cleaver knife from coughing so much? Yea, that one. It also doesn’t seem to want to leave you once it catches you…


A week ago while I was out the Man fell over the dogs and ended up breaking one of his toes and causing a small fracture in his foot so that’s been a ton of fun and now we are off to the doctor for him tomorrow because his ankles and feet look swollen to me. This scares me a bit because it could be something as simple as fluid retention from all the steroids they have had him on for the bronchitis or it could indicate a serious cardiac problem. Please send up some prayers to God it’s not the latter.. We’ve had our share so far this year and it’s only April. Not sure how much more either of us can handle. 


My beloved Mother Angelica passed away on Easter Sunday. Although not unexpected as she had been languishing in suffering for the last fifteen years due to damage caused by a massive stroke in 2001 still, the world seems a little darker, a little colder without her presence no matter what state. I do though believe she is in Heaven praying for us all as she did here in earth.. Mother had a huge impact on countless millions across this world  and I am one of those millions. She is missed and will always be missed by those who loved her. Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord, let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.


As for myself, I have a couple of doctor appointments coming up in two weeks. One for my completely screwed up digestive system and one for the swelling and pain in my wrists, fingers and hands which my doctor is convinced is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Through all of this though I will look to the Lord for my strength, courage and peace. I place everything in His hands, accept my crosses with love and obedience for Him and find happiness in each brand new day. It’s hard to look at the above photo and not see the goodness of God all around you even in suffering. 

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