Incredibly Grateful

Hello Friends, 

In my post titled Life Happens I asked for prayers for my husband. I asked for them because he is having some swelling of his ankles and feet. I have to be honest and tell you, I was kind of scared and worried because I know that this can be a symptom of many things and one of those very serious issues is heart disease, usually indicating an artery blockage or many arteries. My radar was also on high alert because the Mans father passed away from heart disease as did my own so knowing this, you can imagine I would be very concerned. I tried my best not to freak out and go from 0 -60 with the worst case scenarios playing out in my head and I did okay for the most part but I also did A LOT of talking with God..I put it in the Lords hands and was ready (not sure how ready) to accept whatever the  Father decided it would be. 

Well I can only say at this moment I am so incredibly grateful to God for not allowing the above to be the issue. We saw our doctor on Friday morning and he said it’s minimal fluid retention and he’s positive it’s from the steroids that the Man has been on due to a severe case of bronchitis. He was on pretty high doses for twenty days. He also gained quite a few pounds from it as well. The doctor said a diuretic was not needed. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a pill to make you pee a lot.. LOL.. It helps the body to remove the excess fluid build up.


Here’s my handsome man as we were leaving the doctors office. 

The Man was told to do some walking and watch his salt intake which he doesn’t really eat much salt anyway and the body should absorb the fluid. I honestly can not tell you how relieved I am. Me and the Man can bicker at each other like a couple of 90 year olds but I wouldn’t want to bicker with anyone else. Thank you to all of you who read my post (and I know there were many of you) and thank you even more for any prayers you may have prayed for us. 


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7 thoughts on “Incredibly Grateful

  1. Robyn, glad everything worked out for Lou and love that picture of you two sooo nice….frame it for your home…..xoxo….Debbie


  2. So thankful that God listened to your prayers. Always keeping you and Lou and the fur babies in my prayers and thoughts. I was just talking about you yesterday to my husband Luke. I told him, how much I aspire to have your faith and think that is one of the reasons why I think you are so beautiful!
    Luke and I just have our fur babies as well. I can tell via the picture the love you and Lou share. What a beautiful couple that love has built. ❤️
    God bless you, Robyn!
    ❤️ Lyndsay


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