Finding Good In The Bad.


If you read my post from yesterday titled “In An Instant” then you know what has been happening in our lives. Today I wanted to share with you the many ways things have changed in our home and how we have changed..

First let me say, what happened with my husband was in actuality my worst nightmare coming to pass but with a different ending. (Thank you God in Heaven) but now that we have had some time to reflect on all that has happened we are slowly coming out of the darkness into the light and looking for the good in what happened and what lessons we were supposed to learn. In doing that we have also been able to see the good that has come from this..You’re probably thinking, “what good could possibly come from almost losing the love of your life to a heart attack?” Let me list them for you.

Most of us think we know whats truly important in the life we live but the reality of that is, until it’s almost snatched away we truly have no idea. For us, we now fully understand what is most important in our lives. Gone are the desires to have the newest electronic gadgets, gone is my obsessive need to have my home look perfect and have all the home renovations done quickly and perfectly. Gone is the obsessing over having to be ‘organized”. Gone is worrying about getting all the dishes done before the morning. Currently it’s Ten P.M. and my sink is full of dishes and it will stay that way until I feel like doing them.  Gone is the desire to have a gorgeous handbag to carry around. Gone is the desire to have super nice clothing.  Gone is my desire to have so much makeup one person couldn’t wear it all in ten years. Gone is my self conscience feelings of having to look good all the time for fear of how others will see me. All of this has been replaced. Out with the old, in with the….whats truly important..

In is, many many more kisses and hugs. In is, spending more time with each other even if we’re just sleeping. In is, being much more patient with each other. In is, over looking and letting go of the things that may annoy us about each other.  In is, no more bickering like two Ninety year olds all day. In is, showing our love for each other more each day in the small things. In is, making sure to love our families as much as possible. In is, making sure to set aside one day a week to call all of our family and just talk. In is, caring for and loving our friends. In is, being there for both family and friends as much is physically possibly and sometimes pushing to do what isn’t physically possible. In is, waking up each day and ending each day with a prayer of thanks to God our Father for each day together and for the gift of His son Jesus. In is, a whole new way of eating. In is, a whole new way of living. In is, all the goodness that came out of something very very bad….

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