The Lords Day


Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, soon to be Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta  gave herself entirely to Jesus for her entire life. She worked for the poorest of the poor until it killed her. She emptied herself completely for love of Jesus.. 

Not all of us can be another Blessed Mother Teresa but we can follow her example each day. I pray each night to be as she was. We can give ourselves for love of God until it hurts. Mother always said for love to be real it has to hurt and she was right. She also said we can’t save everyone but we can always save just one and to “go home and love your family” that is where we begin. So today and everyday strive to love your family more and more each day. Forgiving all the little annoyances of the day, going to extra mile when you don’t feel like it and seeing  Jesus in the eyes of your loved ones. Do this for love and in obedience to Him who said “Love one another as I have loved You”… 

Bl. Mother Teresa always liked to remind her sisters with this saying,

You… Did .. It .. To.. Me…

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