Day In The Life Monday May 9th 2016

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men……today I was looking forward to having the same kind of day I did on Sunday. Which was, do only the necessities in the home and the rest of the day, only what I wanted. Then somewhere around nine pm last night and I was lazily laying in my bed catching up on last weeks TV shows on my DVR it hit me. I had to go out in the morning. Why you ask? Well it starts because of three very spoiled dogs. Well, actually all my dogs are spoiled but these three in particular is what made me have to go out. You see, Matty, Sarah and Toby are all on medication. Matty takes two pills per day for his thyroid condition and Sarah and Toby are currently on an antibiotic twice a day for the next two weeks. And well, they refuse to take their medicines unless it’s wrapped in deli cut turkey breast. Yep, you read that right. Spoiled right? Yes but it’s also just easier to by the damn meat and get it over with.

Then I got to thinking that while I was out I should look for some other kinds of stuff for me to munch on at night besides salt laden potato chips and my newly rediscovered favorite, Bugles corn chips which are also salt laden. I just feel I am getting way too much salt in me each day and I am wondering if it has lead to my increased by a million pain in my hands, wrists and fingers. Its a theory worth looking into right? So I went to the “gluten free” products. No I am not a celiac but I am gluten sensitive. I have been since way before it became “popular” to be so. Like back into the early 1990’s when everything was hard as concrete and tasted like cardboard. We’ve come a long way baby. So I decided to pick these up.


The Glutino Chocolate Chip cookies I’ve been eating for a while. They are excellent with a cup of coffee. I’ve never tried the other crackers though. Final thoughts on these? For myself, the Van’s crackers are really really good but the Multi-Seed Crackers over there? Umm, No. Not unless I was a bird because thats what I felt like I was eating. Bird Seed! So I figure I’m ahead of the game because as the song goes, two out of three ain’t bad. Yeah, I know. I just dated myself.. 

Then I decided since I haven’t felt well at all in the last three weeks it was time to see a doctor. Yes I know the stress and worry I’ve been under since my husband had a heart attack three weeks ago doesn’t help anything but I also knew by this weekend it was more than that. And I was correct. I went over to the local Doctors Care here in my town and I actually didn’t have to wait what seems to be the prerequisite four hours, only an hour and half this time. Turns out it’s what I thought. Another sinus infection with massive drainage and fluid in my right ear. I will be back on antibiotics tomorrow. Being sick all these years you sort of start to learn when your body is telling you it’s time for medication. Sometimes I push it too far and end up pretty sick but with all thats happened with Lou I didn’t want that to happen now and I did not want him to catch it. He’s got enough troubles.

When I came home I wanted to get out my most favorite sandals and walk around outside a little bit and assess the flowers and plants situation which I’m embarrassed to say is even worse than I thought. No, I haven’t kept up with it.  So I went to get my favorite Clarks’ that I bought last year that I could actually never take off because they’re so comfortable and I found this!


Yes. It seems Sarah or my little “Saw Jaws” as I like to call her decided it would be okay to try and eat them!!..Guess what I’ll be doing next month? Yep, budgeting for a new pair.

Late afternoon after I had fed all the dogs and was cleaning up Lou decided to take his daily walk and I went outside to wait for him.


Then I mosied on over to do what I originally wanted to before the sandal incident and to my surprise some of my marigolds decided to come back. I told you it was a sad state of things. I wasn’t kidding. 


Afterwards, I cooked dinner for Lou. I made his new found favorite baked chicken breast. Yes I will be sharing that on my blog this week so be on the look out for the juiciest chicken breast cooked in the oven you’ve ever tasted. I loaded the dishwasher which is now humming nicely in the background as I sit here listening to Bailey complain he wants to eat again as I write to you all and contemplate when to get up and take my makeup off.

I hope you all had a nice Monday! 

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