Easy Homemade Humus


Okay so my photos aren’t as that of a professional photographer but you get the point! My husband decided to make a boat load of Chickpeas the other day. I still haven’t figured out why because he only added a small amount to a salad I made him and the rest of the gigantic bowl was sitting in the refrigerator. A few years back I would have just thrown them out but I’ve become somewhat of a curmudgeon about waste in the last few years. I try and waste nothing especially when it comes to food. Not only is it throwing money away, I think about those who have nothing to eat. How dare I throw something out that the good Lord has provided.. Sorry, ran away with myself there. Anyway! Making your own humus is easy and you can add anything to it you want! Here’s how I made mine. 


15oz can of Garbanzo Beans ( I used what I had)

1 TBSP Olive Oil (or as much as you like)

1TBSP Lemon Juice

1/2 TSP Ground Cumin

1/2 TSP Salt ( I used Sea Salt. Doesn’t raise the blood pressure)

1 Garlic Clove minced

3 TBSP Non Fat Italian Dressing (optional)


In a food processor add all of your ingredients and then process until smooth.

Thats it! See how easy?


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