Making Enemies…


Nobody likes to make an enemy at least I would hope not. I know I don’t but thats exactly what I thought I did last week and I thought I made an enemy out of my neighbor who we have lived next door to peacefully for fourteen years. 

Thursday morning around six am I woke up to let my dogs out to do their business and I heard a lot of dogs crying. I looked over in my neighbors yard and he had all his dogs locked in dog carriers. One was in one of those black metal cages you use for training. I couldn’t figure out why but thought maybe he was doing something in the house and surely he would bring them in before he left for work. I went back to bad. After listening to his dogs crying for the better part of the morning, at 10 am my husband looked outside and they were still locked in these carriers in the beating sun with no water and no way to escape!.. I immediately called animal control as I had no way of getting in touch with my neighbor.  By 10:30 am animal control was still not here so my husband called them again. We looked outside and the dog that was in the black metal crate looked and sounded like he was in major distress and he was. 

Animal control finally showed up at 11:30. By the time the officer arrived, she broke into the back yard and got the dog out of the metal crate, ran it into her truck, blasted the air conditioner and gave water. The dog was dying from heat exhaustion. She called for back up. When her backup arrived, so did my neighbor because they tracked him down.

The end result was, there were four dogs back there, all were taken away from him, he received a four hundred dollar fine and a court date. After the officers left, she, the officer called me right away to tell me what happened. While I was on the phone with her, the neighbor came to my house and was banging loudly on my front door. The officer told me not to answer and so I didn’t.. A bit later on I was standing at my front door while talking on the phone. The neighbor was leaving to go back to work, saw me and flipped me the bird as he was leaving. For those who don’t know what that is, he stuck his middle finger up at me as he was driving away. 

My intention was not to get him into trouble because I don’t believe he left his dogs like that purposely. I have never seen him mistreat his dogs in all the years we’ve been here. My intention was to save the lives of those dogs. One of them was very close to losing it’s life. I know I did the right thing and those dogs are alive because of it..

To be continued……

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5 thoughts on “Making Enemies…

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  2. Robyn, you did the right thing and if he doesn’t like it too bad that is my thoughts on it… don’t do that and if you are an animal lover you know that.


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