Making Enemies Part II


If you haven’t read part one of this mess I suggest you go here and catch up so this post will make sense. 

After my neighbor gave me the finger as he was driving away, I waited a few hours for him to come home. I was ‘hoping’ I could catch him and maybe try and talk to him like an adult and explain why I did what I did.. Well I did see him leaving his house, I went outside and called his name, he looked at me, turned around, got in his car and drove off. At that point I said, “well Lord, I tried.”…..After stewing about it all day I thought to myself, you know, I understand why he’s upset. Not only did his dogs get taken away but he got a $400.00 ticket and has to go to court. He got a boatload of trouble thrown his way but, it was his own fault. He did this to himself. You would think he would have been happy I saved the lives of his dogs? I finally just let it go and figured well, sometimes doing the right thing will get you into trouble but I still won’t let that stop me from doing the right thing..

The next afternoon I hear someone knocking on my door.. guess who? The neighbor. I thought, “oh I am so not ready to deal with a confrontation right now”.. So I went on the porch and before I could open my mouth I got a very heartfelt apology from him for his behavior towards me. He said he was very sorry, regardless of what happened he had no right to treat me that way and he understood why I called the animal control. It was a dumb mistake he made and it was all his fault. I then proceeded to tell him how sorry I was that he got in so much trouble and that was not my intention. He told me I had nothing to apologize for. He explained to me what happened that morning. He was flea bombing his house, told his sixteen year old son to put the dogs outside in the cages and he was going to let them back in the house before he left but things got crazy in the house, his son was late for school, he was late for work and he forgot the dogs.  While I can say I do not thing I would ever be that absent minded (although I would never rule it out), I can understand how it could happen. Heck, there have been people who have had so much on their minds they have driven their cars away with their children in car seats on the top of the vehicle! So I get it…

The end result, we parted friends and exchanged phone numbers just in case I ever have to get in touch with him and vice versa. So sometimes, doing the right thing has consequences you never intended but when you leave it in Gods hands, He always makes things turn out for the good…



One thought on “Making Enemies Part II

  1. I am so glad that he came back to apologize. I was worried that you would have to fear ( like I would) what he could do to harm your babies or cause problems. I know I would be constantly thinking about this. I don’t think I would be absent minded as my babies are always the first on my mind, but I guess there could always be a day.
    It’s amazing what God can do to settle things.
    Hope all is well with you, Lou and your babies. ❤️🙏🏽 hugs


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