Salmon Leftovers



I cooked my husband Salmon the other night and it was quite a large piece and so there was some left over.. but what to do with left over fish? I could have just heated it up but the thought of that for some reason turned my stomach. In my head I didn’t think it would taste to well so I did something so simple and he said it was delicious. As you know, because of my limited energy I like to keep things easy and healthy. This is both! I made salmon salad in a pita!

First I crumbled it up like you would with tuna fish, added some fat free mayo and mixed it all together. It didn’t need any spices because it still had the spices on it from the night before when I cooked it. 


Left Over Salmon In A Pita


Left over Salmon

Fat free mayo




Crush salmon in a bowl

Add 2 tablespoons of mayo.  Less or more depending on the dryness of your fish

In a pita bread line it with lettuce and tomato.

Add your salmon



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One thought on “Salmon Leftovers

  1. Ooh, that sounds delicious! I am not one for leftover fish but that is a great idea! I think it’s because we live in the Pacific Northwest and Salmon is abundant I have had leftover salmon in potatoes like a hash, and also crumbled and made into patties the next day for salmon patties. I am definitely going to try the salmon salad in a pita idea. That sounds really really good! Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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